Tri Sprintec vs. Ortho Tri Cyclen

By Sarah from California, United States on July 28, 2006
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When I was a teenager, I was put on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I liked it, but had to switch brands for insurance reasons. After trying many types of oral contraceptives, my doctor recently gave me Tri Sprintec, and told me that as a generic drug, it was the same thing as the Ortho product, the name being the only different thing. However, in reading reviews for Tri Sprintec, I've noted many people claiming troublesome reactions, and I'm wondering if that's coincidence or if there is much difference in the amount of hormone levels in this pill.


I'd like to know how Tri Sprintec compares to Ortho Tri Cyclen, in terms of ingredients and hormone levels. I'm really hopeful this product is quite similar to my old one. Thanks for your help!



Tri Sprintec: nightmare


Everyone is different, but if you want my advice, avoid Tri Sprintec.  I too used Ortho Tri Cyclen as a teenager but also had to later switch later due to insurance (did you have Kaiser by any chance?).  I got switched to Zovia, which is slightly different, but it was fine for me.  Later on, I switched to Yasmin, which is also different, but worked great.  When I went to UC, they gave me Tri Nessa, which is supposed to be a generic form of Ortho Tri Cyclen.  That too worked fine.  Then they changed their formulary and stopped carrying the Tri Nessa, so they gave me a pack of Tri Sprintec.  Prior to this I had never had ANY side effects from pills, but with the Tri Sprintec I had spotting, increased breakouts, and my hair fell out by the handful-- it was terrible.  I went back to get Zovia for the next month and just happened to be due for my pelvic exam, during which they discovered I had a yeast infection (my first ever).  Since then I've been on Zovia and the other Tri Sprintec side effects have cleared up, but I've had 8 yeast infections in 4 months-- I treat them, but they just keep coming back, and I've even had blood work done to rule out being diabetic or anything.  Now that I'm back with Kaiser I'm going in to get this treated, and I'm switching back to Yasmin.  I hold the Tri Sprintec responsible for this yeast infection nightmare since they started after I took it and I'd never had one before I took it.  I'm not sure what the exact differences between it and Ortho Tri Cyclen are, but there are enough subtle ones in Tri Sprintec to wreak havoc on your body, moreso than Zovia, Yasmin, or Tri Nessa.  Save yourself a lot of trouble and stay away from this stuff.

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