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By Sara from Cleveland, Ohio on July 08, 2006
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I recently gave brirth and my doctor prescribed Camilla BC because it is safe to use while nursing. I sometimes take my pills late (like, at 11 instead of 9), and a couple of times have taken the pill in the morning if I forgot at night. To be honest, though, my husband and I are not incredibly sexually active, so I wasn't too woried when i missed my period once, but I just picked up my third pack and still have not had a period. Is it normal to skip a period on Camilla? And if so, for how long?

Camila Birth Control Pills and Missing Periods

I just started my third pack of Camila and haven't had a period either.

I just called the Blue Cross nurse line and she didn't seem too concerned. As long as your pregnancy test comes back negative, it should be okay. There are differing opinions on whether these Progestin Only Pills can stop menstruation, like Seasonale and low-dose combo pills.

I've taken my pills fairly regularly. When late, it's been less than three hours, or we abstain for 48 hours.

I'm still going to talk to my pharmacist or doctor about this since the mfr says you should go to the doctor if more than two months late.

I tried Provera a long time ago and due to hormonal withdrawal, I got my period on that. THere is also a new Progestin only implant that the FDA just approved and that is supposed to stop periods.

I think this pill could do that!

You are irregular in taking the pills, though, so I'd still take regular preg tests.

Let me know what you hear from your health care provider. They all say different things!

By Erin from Minneapolis, MN on July 18, 2006 | Reply |

no period

I had my daughter july 25th 2006  I nursed her until she was seven weeks. 4 weeks after delivery I went on camila birth control. I still have not had a period I took a pregnancy test and it was negativeand I spotted  for a few days  should I be concerned?

By cassie from cincinnati,ohio on November 08, 2006 | Reply |

Not breast feeding & not by choice

I just had my second child by cecerian two months ago, and I was planning to breast feed and supplament formula. Anyway, when I was discusing birth control, he suggested an IUD. I had one inserted when I had my first child, and HATED it. The hormones were to blame for the emotional changes. The device was uncomfortable for me and my husband, so I went on the ring and loved it. Obviously I can'tuse it while breast feeding. The only other option he gave was Camila. I agreed thinking it would be my best bet. Now I have found that my daughter is extreamly lactos intollerant, even towards brest milk, so I am one longer breast feeding. I am continuing to use Camila until I can visit with my docter to change methods. I am now on my second pack and have only spotted one day, two weeks into my first pack, and only minor cramping. Still theres no sign of a period yet. I was starting to worry, but it seems there are alot of women out there in this situtation of a lacking period. Why is this not said to be a possible side effect? Even so, is there anything short or long term to be worried about?

By Ashley Hernandez from Antonio, TX on January 28, 2007 | Reply |

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