wont stop bleeding

By Lisa Frey from Modesto, California on June 30, 2006
Category: Errin (Oral)

I was just wondering that since I started taking Errin 3 1/2 weeks ago I have had a continous period, I just won't stop at all, and my periods before taking Errin were all regular. What do I do?<div>
</div><div> thank you</div><div> Lisa</div>

I wont stop bleeding either

ever since I've been taking it, I havent stopped bleeding either and it scares me, I just had a baby two months ago and now I'm having a continuous period since I've been on it as well....HELP!!!!!!!

By Anonymous from OH on July 24, 2006 | Reply |

irregular bleeding

I had my baby on May 22, 2006 and was got on Errin at my 6wk appt.  I have been breastfeeding and am starting to wean my son.  Two weeks ago, the 3rd week of that dose, I got my first period since before I was pregnant.  Today, I started bleeding again.  The period two weeks ago was heavier and lasted longer than I am used to.  This one appears to be the same.  Is this normal or do I need to contact my doctor?  I have also experienced some near fainting episodes which is scary with a 5 month old!

By Stefanie on October 30, 2006 | Reply |

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