No Period on Errin

By shelly from cleveland, oh on June 27, 2006
Category: Errin (Oral)

I have been on Errin for 4 months now. The first two months, I had frequent irregular bleeding but also had a period those months. In the past two months I have had no bleeding at all. No breakthrough or period. Currently I am experiencing cramps similiar to menstral cramps but no period. This has only started in the past 4 days and got worse after intercourse which has never been a problem before. I am worried that I could be pregnant, I am not perfect when it come to taking my pill at the same time everyday. Is it normal to stop menstrating while on this pill?

No periods on Errin


I am currently not sexualy active, so when I quit menstruating on this pill I was confused. I made a GYNO appt. and my doctor said this was normal on this pill. Hope this helps.


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