small penis and cold hand

By Unknown from India on June 21, 2006
Category: Men's Sexual Issues

Dear Sir

I am 27 year old indian married male. My height is 5ft and 10 inch and i weigh 77 kgs. From my childhood itself i don't take any medicine for fever , cold or headche. so now i think i have a great resistivity towards deseaces.

Now I will come to the question. My penis size is only 3 1/2 inches when it is erect and at normal it shrink to 1 1/2 inches and my friends usually tell me my hands are cold when i hand shake with them.

I have a strong sexual desire and my sperm count is normal. please letme know the cause of my small penis size. has it got anything to do with my cold hands. is there any way i could increase my penis size to normal without having any side effects.

Thank you

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