where can i buy perdiem granules (not the laxative) the brown bottle fibre supplement

By carlos molinar from Texas El Paso USA on June 12, 2006
Category: Perdiem Fiber (Oral)

perdiem had a wonderful product that is 10 times better than metamucil and other competitors. it has been taken off the shelf at walgreens and walmarts. the only products available are the tablets (yeechh) and the laxative products. perhaps you could enlighten me on the whereabouts of this product (my doctor agrees that perdiem fiber supplement is far better than anything else on the market) im looking for the granules in the 10oz brown bottle (the yellow bottle is a lxative). thank you for your help! carlos.molinar@earnhardt.com

Searching too

I'd also like to know where to find the Pedium granules.  They went off the market yeas ago, and I went around and bought up all the bottles I could find.  NOw I'm down to one bottle and I treat it like gold - only for very special occasions.  PLEASE bring this product back to market or let me know where I can buy a case!!!

By Robin Sydor from St. Paul, MN on January 07, 2008 | Reply |

Why was it taken off the market?

When this was available, I had my chronic constipation completely under control. Now I have Parkinson's Disease, and simply cannot find any other remedy that works even half as well. I take the generic substitute for Miralax at the suggestion of my neurologist, also senna with softener at the suggestion of my gastrointerologist, lactolos at the suggestion of my primary care doctor, and still must use enemas now and then. If only I could get back to the original perdiem, life would be so much easier.


By Nancy Beaverstock from Lake Wales, Florida on March 01, 2017 | Reply |

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