weight gain with microgestin

By Debbie from Cresco,PA on June 10, 2006
Category: Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 (Oral)

I have been taking this pill for about a year. It is great for the bad periods and spotting that I was having. I have gained 13 lbs since being on it. That was in the first 4 months. I also have a bloating feeling alot of the times. I have tryed everything to lose weight but with little success. I have always been good with my weight. Now I am thinking of going off this pill. Can you recommend a different pill? I really would hate to go back to the period prblems that I was having but this extra weight is killing me. Hope that you can help! Debbie

weight gain

I work in a pharmacy and I've heard the Yasmin is great. It doesn't cause water weight gain and there are less side effects and no cramping.

By Unknown on July 22, 2006 | Reply |

weight gain with microgestin

I also went on Microgestin because of spotting between periods.  I gained about 7lbs in the first two months.  I have a constant bloated feeling all month long and have severe cramping; however, the spotting problem is gone.  I went off this pill after three months and tried Yasmin.  I had my period for 21 days at a time while on Yasmin for the first three months. 

 Even though the side effects were horrible from Microgestin, I have since gone back on it to shorten my periods.  I am still waiting for another idea from my doctor!

By Stephanie from Boston, MA on October 09, 2006 | Reply |

not so sure about yasmin..

I actually tried Yasmin for about two months and it made me sick to my stomach. i don't remember feeling bloated or gaining any weight, so i got off of it. In my opinion, Loestrin 24 FE is the best one, i never gained weight, it's really low in hormones, no bloating, and my period was usually 3 days or less. good luck!

By Erin from USA on January 19, 2007 | Reply |

more weight gain with microgestin

Debbie - I am writing not to offer solutions (I don't have one yet) but because I am so glad to have seen your post. I have been on microgestin for about 8 months and have gained about 15 pounds! It did not occur to me until recently that it might be the pill. Like you, I have always been good about my weight...I am not as fanatical about diet and exercize as before I had my children due to lack of time but I am certainly choosy about what I eat (I am not snckaing on cakes, cookies, etc.) and have been exercizing at leat 3 times a week. Maybe I am not doing enough to lose weight but it does not make sense to have gained as much weight as I have! I have been trying for the last month or so more extreme diet measures but have only gotten fatter. I have been very depressed. I just did a search today on microgestin and weight gain and your post came up. It makes me feel like I am not crazy or defective or have some serious illness (although I am getting blood draws for thyroid, diabetes and other screening tests tomorrow to make sure). It seems most likely that the pill is the likely culprit. My cycle stops tomorrow and I cannot wait to stop it and see what happens. I don't know if you will ever see this message, but I would be so interested in finding out what happened to you. Did you stop the pill? Did you lose the weight? Thanks again for putting this out there!


Laura in San Diego.

By Laura from San Diego, CA on June 03, 2007 | Reply |

Laura/Debbie Weight Gain

I'm so curious to know what happened when/if you guys got off this pill? I was on it for six months and gained 15 pounds. I've always been "naturally thin" so this extra weight is killing me. Honestly, if one more person asks me if I'm pregnant I'm going to lose my mind.

I've been off this pill for two weeks now...we'll see what happens.


By Kim from Boston, MA on August 17, 2007 | Reply |

same thing - weight gain with microgestin

i am so glad i am not crazy!!! i have been on this pill for about 4 or 5 months and i have experienced so much weight gain - about 20 lbs. i have never been this weight in my life and i have taken measures to loose weight and nothing works. i am calling my OBGYN tomorrow to get off of it! lo-ogestrel was good, but it didn't help my bad periods... but i am willing to deal with that because i can't fit into any of my jeans! i had to go buy new jeans and pants and even shirts because i have to hide my new stomach. thank you ladies for posting this!!!!

By amanda from san diego on May 06, 2009 | Reply |

managing endometriosis. having weight gain though

After having tried almost every brand and form of bc out there I have now been taking this birth control continuously for about 5 cycles, to prevent pregnancy and manage the endometriosis pain I was having (two surgeries etc later). All in all it has yielded me the least side effects ever... of any... and I've been loving it. However I have gained about 15 pounds that i cannot lose. My dr swears that it can't be from my birth control but I run almost daily, more than before taking this even, do yoga, maintain a low fat and low calorie diet most days...in my search for answers came across this thread and just wanted to share my situation with you other ladies...sort of a validation since that's what I'm taking away from this and hoping someone can help with tips on how to lose this weight since I dont really have the option of quitting or switching bcs. Thanks.

By Sarah from MN on May 24, 2015 | Reply |

endometriosis and weight gain.

I have the same problem with microgestin and my weight as well and unfortunately don't have many options because of endometriosis. My doctor mentioned other drugs and injections that also would cause weight gain and other side effects that to me are not worth it. Like more male hormones and then I will have manly feature and hair. Another is medically induced menopause. Risk of osteoporosis. Just too much! I need to find a way to loose weight while taking microgestin thanks hope to hear from anyone who has an answer.

By stephanie loyola from Virginia on June 03, 2015 | Reply |

Weight Gain on Microgestin 1.5/30

I have been on this birth control since December of 2014 it is now August of 2015 and yes I also have gained over 20 pounds with this birth control I'm not sure what to do at this point because besides weight gain I love the pill it keeps my cycle normal and also prevents acne and most of all prevent the chance of being pregnant I just need to know what I need to do to be able to continue with the pill and lose the weight any success stories out there please help!

By Kimberly Temple from Chicago on August 26, 2015 | Reply |

Weight gain with Microgestin

I've been on this BC for almost 6 months (skipping the placebos so no periods) and have too gained weight. I work out 5-6 days/week, and have even cut out meat thinking that would help lose the excess weight (~10#). I'm going to my OB this afternoon to talk to him about Mirena, and am getting OFF of this crap birth control. I wish I'd have read about this being a side effect before I went on it.

By Leah from St. Louis, MO on September 09, 2015 | Reply |

Weight Gain on Microgestin

I feel so much better knowing that there are other women out there going through the same thing. I've been on this pill for 2 months and have gained about 7 pounds. I play professional soccer, so there is little chance that this is due to a bad diet and lack of exercise. I stopped the pill today, and am trying to figure out another option. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences.

By Liz from New York, New York on February 13, 2016 | Reply |

Weight gain & Microgestin

What was your experience once you quit taking the pill? I have been on Microgestin for 4 months after switching from Minastrin because of excessive breakthrough bleeding, and I've gained 7 lbs even with 6 days/week of exercise and strict diet. I'm at my wits end with making every effort I know to lose these pounds and seeing no results. I'm switching to a low dose pill and am curious what experiences other women have had after getting off Microgestin as it relates to weight loss.

Thank you!

By Ansley from Atlanta, GA on March 17, 2016 | Reply |

Same problem!

I am sooo glad I'm not alone. I ended up on microgestin after my insurance stopped covering Junel. Just after a month I noticed a weight gain but thought maybe I'm just constipated ..so I kept going , started feeling extremely depressed. I was talking to a friend ready to go see about getting on depressant drugs as I felt soo awful. Then it all clicked and I called the doctor and asked to be switched. I have never ever felt so depressed and as for weight I gained 4 lbs over 5 months which probably seems like nothing but for me it's very very odd as I have a very steady weight.

By Steph from Sacramento CA on April 15, 2016 | Reply |

Weight loss after stopping microgestin

I was on Microgestin for about 2 years after I stopped the "mini pill" when I stopped breastfeeding. I was still struggling to loose my pregnancy weight from baby #3 and had never had so much trouble. So I got super serious and changed my diet, did P90X and saw some results but not nearly what I expected. And I was starving all the time even though I was getting plenty of calories. On top of the weight issue, I was super irritable 90% of the time. I'm generally a pretty laid back person but was constantly on edge. Finally, I stopped the pills (hubby got a vasectomy) and within the first month, my moods improved and I lost a couple pounds. I'm a small person so a couple pounds are noticeable. And I didn't look nearly as bloated! Second month, my period was over a week late (and taking tests like crazy!) but after it finally came, I started dropping weight again. I'm on my third month off and have lost 8 pounds and have about 3-4 to go to be back to my normal weight. My OB-GYN still isn't convinced the pill was causing my issues because so many women "love it" according to him, but I'm so glad to be off the Microgestin!

By AJ from Utah on August 02, 2016 | Reply |


Posted here awhile ago about my needing to stay on this bc for endometriosis.
Wanted to provide a little update. Am still taking microgestin, have not lost weight and it is really frustrating all the time. Am about to give a starvation diet a try, hopefully will help me lose something, 5 lbs would even be good! Depression and anxiety have gotten pretty bad with this bc and I consider quitting, or rather wish I could, but as mentioned before my endo is really quite bad so my alternative is not a good one.
Anyhow, am still hanging in there!

By Sarah from MN on September 18, 2016 | Reply |

Weight gain

I started this pill after I had my tubes tied and I started having very heavy cycles for 3 years. Within the first 2 months I gained about 15 pounds. I have now been on this pill for 6 months and after this pack is done I will be stopping in to see if I can lose the weight. I will post with updates after.

By Kat from Camp Lejeune, NC on January 06, 2017 | Reply |

Rapid weight gain with Microgestin

I started taking Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 4-5 months ago. (Before that, I took Loestrin). I have gained literally over 30 pounds in this time span. I was used to weighing around 135 lbs, and now I weigh over 170 lbs...at 5'4". My self confidence is gone. I'm 28, and started birth control pills at 17 to help with heavy cycles. I've been eating healthier and exercising, but I have not lost any weight. Also, I'm a nurse and I run around for 12 hour shifts at least 3 times a week.

I am calling my OBGYN tomorrow to change. This has been an awful medication for me. My MD even upped my Prozac temporarily because I've felt so down.

I only have tiny breakouts during the week of my period, and my periods last 3 days - I'm just now experiencing spotting. Would not recommend this BC at all though.

By Beth from Birmingham, AL on February 12, 2017 | Reply |

Microgestin 1.5/30

I've been on fe 1.5/30 for about 5 months now. It started out great but I've been noticing more and more chronic migraines in about the middle of every month. I've gained about 25lbs since starting this pill. I loved it for awhile but now I always feel depressed. When it's around placebo week, I get really moody and depressed and I burst into tears over silly things. I've never been overly emotional so this is really hard. And the breast tenderness is awful and sometimes very painful to touch. My periods are pretty regular an a lot shorter, so thats a plus and it's done it's job of keeping me baby free, but all these other side effects are making me crazy.

By Malaysiah from Mississippi on May 01, 2017 | Reply |

Endo and weight gain

So glad I came across this thread. I've been on microgestin now for over 2 years and am only now attributing my weight gain to it. I have gained 25 lbs and have had major difficulty trying to lose the weight with diet and exercise. I've also tried eliminating sugar, meat and rich foods and been attempting to follow the anti-inflammatory diet. Nothing seems to help. I'm tired all the time, irritable and the largest i've ever been.
I had an ovarian cyst which was removed a few years ago and at the same time, my doctor found endometriosis. This is why I've been on the pill and I have been taking it without any breaks so I don't get my period (just occasional spotting here and there). My skin is pretty much back to normal but this weight.... I don't understand it! If anyone has any suggestions or have tried something else and they also have endo, please, please, please let me know!

Thank you for helping me realize it may not be me... it may be the pill!

By Lynda from TX on August 15, 2017 | Reply |

Microgestin is awful

I have been on it 5 months and gained 40lbs, ugh.

By Neva from Tampa, FL on August 23, 2017 | Reply |

Microgestin is awful

I have been on it 5 months and gained 40lbs, ugh.

By Neva from Tampa, FL on August 23, 2017 | Reply |

Re: weight gain with microgestin

I complained to my OBGYN about the weight gain, She said it definitely makes women gain a lot of weight. She said, anywhere from 20 to 70lbs, wow. I told her I'm getting off them. . I've gained over 4olbs in 5 months. I have never in my life gained weight like this, smh

By Neva from Tampa, FL on August 23, 2017 | Reply |

Microgestin and weight gain

I was prescribed microgestin just 2 weeks ago. It just so happened I had to shop for new clothes for a week-long business trip. I had to pick clothes 2 sizes bigger than normal! I know my body very well and I knew the only thing I changed was my birth control pill. I searched “microgestin and weight gain” and found you lovely ladies! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences that confirmed my suspicion. I will be changing it up at the end of this pack.

By Debbie from Edmond, OK on January 18, 2018 | Reply |

Me tooo!

I have been on this birth control for four months and I have gained 5 pounds however the last two months I have been religiously cutting carbs and walking 2.5 miles every day. It is highly unusual for me not to lose weight with cutting carbs and walking every day. The only difference I have is this birth control. I am eating hardly anything and not losing weight. It is definitely this birth control. No matter what anybody says. I am getting off this birth-control in one week, hopefully I can start losing weight. I feel bloated and all my clothes are tight. This is the most I’ve weighed in two years back when I used to not watch what I eat.

By Amanda on March 30, 2018 | Reply |

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