weight gain with microgestin

By Debbie from Cresco,PA on June 10, 2006
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I have been taking this pill for about a year. It is great for the bad periods and spotting that I was having. I have gained 13 lbs since being on it. That was in the first 4 months. I also have a bloating feeling alot of the times. I have tryed everything to lose weight but with little success. I have always been good with my weight. Now I am thinking of going off this pill. Can you recommend a different pill? I really would hate to go back to the period prblems that I was having but this extra weight is killing me. Hope that you can help! Debbie

weight gain

I work in a pharmacy and I've heard the Yasmin is great. It doesn't cause water weight gain and there are less side effects and no cramping.

By Unknown on July 22, 2006 | Reply |

weight gain with microgestin

I also went on Microgestin because of spotting between periods.  I gained about 7lbs in the first two months.  I have a constant bloated feeling all month long and have severe cramping; however, the spotting problem is gone.  I went off this pill after three months and tried Yasmin.  I had my period for 21 days at a time while on Yasmin for the first three months. 

 Even though the side effects were horrible from Microgestin, I have since gone back on it to shorten my periods.  I am still waiting for another idea from my doctor!

By Stephanie from Boston, MA on October 09, 2006 | Reply |

not so sure about yasmin..

I actually tried Yasmin for about two months and it made me sick to my stomach. i don't remember feeling bloated or gaining any weight, so i got off of it. In my opinion, Loestrin 24 FE is the best one, i never gained weight, it's really low in hormones, no bloating, and my period was usually 3 days or less. good luck!

By Erin from USA on January 19, 2007 | Reply |

more weight gain with microgestin

Debbie - I am writing not to offer solutions (I don't have one yet) but because I am so glad to have seen your post. I have been on microgestin for about 8 months and have gained about 15 pounds! It did not occur to me until recently that it might be the pill. Like you, I have always been good about my weight...I am not as fanatical about diet and exercize as before I had my children due to lack of time but I am certainly choosy about what I eat (I am not snckaing on cakes, cookies, etc.) and have been exercizing at leat 3 times a week. Maybe I am not doing enough to lose weight but it does not make sense to have gained as much weight as I have! I have been trying for the last month or so more extreme diet measures but have only gotten fatter. I have been very depressed. I just did a search today on microgestin and weight gain and your post came up. It makes me feel like I am not crazy or defective or have some serious illness (although I am getting blood draws for thyroid, diabetes and other screening tests tomorrow to make sure). It seems most likely that the pill is the likely culprit. My cycle stops tomorrow and I cannot wait to stop it and see what happens. I don't know if you will ever see this message, but I would be so interested in finding out what happened to you. Did you stop the pill? Did you lose the weight? Thanks again for putting this out there!


Laura in San Diego.

By Laura from San Diego, CA on June 03, 2007 | Reply |

Laura/Debbie Weight Gain

I'm so curious to know what happened when/if you guys got off this pill? I was on it for six months and gained 15 pounds. I've always been "naturally thin" so this extra weight is killing me. Honestly, if one more person asks me if I'm pregnant I'm going to lose my mind.

I've been off this pill for two weeks now...we'll see what happens.


By Kim from Boston, MA on August 17, 2007 | Reply |

same thing - weight gain with microgestin

i am so glad i am not crazy!!! i have been on this pill for about 4 or 5 months and i have experienced so much weight gain - about 20 lbs. i have never been this weight in my life and i have taken measures to loose weight and nothing works. i am calling my OBGYN tomorrow to get off of it! lo-ogestrel was good, but it didn't help my bad periods... but i am willing to deal with that because i can't fit into any of my jeans! i had to go buy new jeans and pants and even shirts because i have to hide my new stomach. thank you ladies for posting this!!!!

By amanda from san diego on May 06, 2009 | Reply |

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