use of indapamide when blood pressure is OK

By elizabsth fowler from australia on June 09, 2006
Category: Indapamide

as far as I know, my blood pressure is fine. I have Osteo-arthritis in my legs and recently they have been swollen with fluid - not just around the joints, but in the shins etc as well, particularly after exercise. My Doctor prescribed Natrilix slow release 1.25mg as a diuretic, but after 3 weeks it didnt seem to have made much difference. I am now to take a double dose i.e. 2 x 1025mg tablets. (since I already have purchased a supply). I am to return to my doctor in a month or so. Everything I read suggests that this drug is to treat high blood pressure, which I don't have. Is this drug an appropriate prescription for the symptoms?

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