Decreasing lithium in bipolar daughter

By kimberly from usa on June 04, 2006
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my 17 yr old daughter has been treated for bipolar, ocd, add, anxiety for the last
2 yrs. we are trying to decrease her meds to see how she will be off everything....

t she has been decreasing for approx 2 weeks now
from lithium 1350/day, seroquel 150/day, adderall xr 30/day.

to at present: 25 seroquel, 300 lithium, 30 add.xr in am

100" 300" 30 " in pm

I'm can't find any information on what side effects for watch for during
this time.

can you give me any advice? thank you

Lithium carbonate

I cannot answer as a medical doctor, only as an individual who also wishes to decrease her Seroquel and Lithium dosages. It was easier to lower the Seroquel (though I must admit that at first I didn't know I wasn't quite ready and I kept having bad dreams and reliving a traumatic time in my life) Now, however, I increased my exercise and am down to 300 mg. Seroquel at nite. As far as the Lithium goes, I ran out of my medications one weekend and as a result I felt myself becoming more and more depressed-- (it was awful) I ended up going to the hospital where my Lithium was temporarily increased (it took about 3 days to get me back to feeling better again and I had to wait at least another month before I could go back to a lower dose. So, you might see your daughter becoming more depressed (or the reverse -- since some patients become manic. So, you might see your become more agitated and angry, or extremely happy and talking fast, but most of all making indivuals who are manic will often make quick, snap judgments and unsafe decisions.

I hope this information helps


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