possible overdose of Ivermectin?

By Katie String from Southern Ohio on May 23, 2006
Category: Ivermectin

I have to pick up my 7 week old black lab from the vet at 3:00, she was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange this morning. Problem is, over the phone 4 days ago, a friends vet told us to give her a drop of ivomec inj. down her throat for three consecutive days. We did that, but it broke my heart to watch her itch, so I took her to a vet anyway. My vet insisted on giving her a second round of ivomec, when her last drop was injested only 2 days ago. I didn't care what the cost was, but I was concerned with too much ivermectin in my puppies system, and I still am- she is only 10.4 pounds.
My questions are 1) what are some things to look for in case of an overdose
2) I have 2 other dogs and a cat who are currently taking frontline. (this prevents the mange, from what i am told)
I was supposed to put more on them all on the 22nd, but my shipment was delayed. If they show signs of sarcoptic mange, instead of taking them to the vet, can i use the ivomec injectable that I already have? I have a 75 lb. Lab, and a 60lb. lab. What are the dosages???
Thanks for any information- it's greatly appreciated........Katie

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