What do I take to get rid of my rash and Itch

By Anthony L. Santucci from Coraopolis, Pa. 15108 on May 18, 2006
Category: Centrum Silver (Oral)

I bought Centrum Silver nultiviamin for adults 50+ From A to Zinc. I have been taking this for about month. All for a sudden I developed a rish and a itch that won’t stop.I put everything on to stop the Itch but nothing stopes it. I have it on my arms and stomic and back. In my krutch and my both legs under the jonts. and it is very Red . At times I get cold. and the top of my head is Hot. What do I do to get rid of this rash and Itch. Please help me.

Thank you very much. Tony Santucci ( May 18, 2006 )

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