Addiction to Brometane

By debra from staten island. NY on May 09, 2006
Category: Brometane DX (Oral)

My 20 month old daughter has been taking Brometane cough medicine for congestion and cough for the past 6 months. Last night was the first night that she didnft take it before bed and she was up for 3 hours crying. Was something else bothering her and this was a coincidence or could one become dependent on this medication?


Im sorry but I cant help but ask why you gave your daughter the medicine for 6 months...that seems like an awfully long time to take medication...I mean, I myself would never take anything for that long. Not to criticize, but I was just curious why she was taking it for so long in the first place...

By Laura from Staten Island, NY on June 07, 2006 | Reply |

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