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Becaplermin (Regranex)
(beh- KAP-ler-min)
Pregnancy Category: C Regranex (Rx)

Classification: Topical wound healing drug

Action/Kinetics: Topical recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor. Promotes chemotactic recruitment and proliferation of cells involved in wound repair and enhances formation of granulation tissue.

Uses: As adjunct to good ulcer care practices to treat lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers that extend into SC tissue or beyond and have adequate blood supply. Use for diabetic neuropathic ulcers that do not extend through dermis into SC tissue or ischemic ulcers has not been studied.

Contraindications: Known neoplasms at application site. Use in wounds that close by primary intention.

Special Concerns: Effect on exposed joints, tendons, ligaments, and bone has not been established. Use with other topical drugs has not been studied. Use with caution during lactation. Safety and efficacy have not been determined in children less than 16 years of age.

Side Effects: General: Infection, cellulitis, osteomyelitis, erythematous rashes.

How Supplied: Gel: 0.01%

?Gel, 0.01% Lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers.
Dose depends on size of ulcer area. To determine length of gel to be applied, measure greatest length of ulcer by greatest width of ulcer in either inches or centimeters. To calculate length of gel in inches:
7.5 g or 15 g tube: length x width x 0.6
2 g tube: length x width x 1.3
Generally, each square inch of ulcer surface will require about 2/3 inch from 7.5 g or 15 g tube and about 1 1/4 inches from 2 g tube.
To calculate length of gel in centimeters:
7.5 g or 15 g tube: length x width divided by 4
2 g tube: length x width divided by 2
Generally, each square centimeter of ulcer surface will require about 0.25 cm of gel from 7.5 or 15 g tube or about 0.5 cm of gel from 2 g tube. Calculate amount to be applied at weekly or biweekly intervals depending on rate of change in ulcer area.

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