Ardeparin sodium

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Ardeparin sodium
Ardeparin sodium (Normiflo)
Ardeparin sodium
(ar-dee- PAH-rin)
Pregnancy Category: C Normiflo (Rx)

Classification: Anticoagulant, low molecular weight heparin

See Also: See also Heparins, Low Molecular Weight.

Action/Kinetics: Plasma levels of ardeparin can not be measured directly; rather, serine protease activity is used. Well absorbed following SC administration. t 1/2, disposition: 3.3 hr (for ardeparin anti-Xa) and 1.2 hr (for ardeparin anti-IIa).

Uses: Prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis following knee replacement surgery. Investigational: Secondary prophylaxis for recurrent thromboembolic events.

Additional Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to propylparaben.

Special Concerns: See also Heparins, Low Molecular Weight. The product contains metabisulfite that may cause allergic reactions in susceptible persons.

Side Effects: Bleeding events: Intraoperative bleeding, postoperative surgical site or nonsurgical site hematoma or hemorrhage, bleeding requiring an invasive procedure; ecchymosis, GI hemorrhage hematemesis, hematuria, melena, petechiae, rectal hemorrhage, retroperitoneal hemorrhage, CVA abnormal stools. GI: N&V, constipation. Allergic reaction: Maculopapular rash, vesiculobullous rash, urticaria. CNS: Confusion, dizziness, headache, insomnia. Miscellaneous: Fever, pruritus, anemia, thrombocytopenia, arthralgia, chest pain, dyspnea, reactions at injection site (edema, hypersensitivity, inflammation, pain), peripheral edema.

How Supplied: Injection: 5,000 U/0.5 mL; 10,000 U/0.5 mL

?SC only Prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis during knee replacement surgery.
Adults: 50 anti-Xa U/kg q 12 hr. Begin treatment evening of day of surgery or following morning and continue for up to 14 days or until client is fully ambulatory, whichever is shorter.
Prophylaxis of thromboembolic recurrence.
35-50 U/kg b.i.d.

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Ardeparin sodium

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Ardeparin sodium

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