Alabama Group Health Insurance


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Alabama Small Business Health Insurance

There are different Alabama health insurance laws regarding small businesses or the self-employed. Often these types of health insurance policies are easier to qualify for than an individual health insurance policy, even if you are not in the best of health.

This guide:

  • Describes small business health insurance laws in Alabama.

  • Briefly explains self-employed Alabama health insurance.

  • Alerts you to a beneficial tax deduction.

You can pick what coverage you want and set your limits and deductibles, before applying for more personalized rate info.

Alabama small business health insurance regulations

Alabama small business health insurance laws require Alabama health insurance companies to sell any small business a group health insurance policy. Also, the same small group health insurance policy sold to other small businesses must also be offered to any eligible Alabama small business. To be eligible the small business must have at least 2 employees but not more than 50.

Alabama health insurance companies, however, can mandate minimum participation requirements. Under this stipulation, a certain percentage of employees or members must purchase the offered health insurance policy or the entire health insurance policy for the small business will be rescinded.

Although Alabama health insurance companies are required to sell all small businesses health insurance if the above requirements are met, the price of Alabama small business health insurance is not limited. Premiums for Alabama small business health insurance can be more due to the group's health status, age, gender, and other factors, but within limits.

However, as a protection for groups insured under small business health insurance, Alabama health insurance regulations due not allow policies to be canceled because one of the insured individuals falls ill.

Self-employed Alabama health insurance

States handle health insurance for the self-employed differently. In Alabama, if you are the sole employee and owner of a business, you can not purchase an Alabama small business health insurance policy. If you have more than one employee, you are more than likely eligible to purchase Alabama small business health insurance.

Otherwise, you should purchase an individual Alabama health insurance policy. Although you will be solely responsible for purchasing your health insurance, there is one great advantage. As a self-employed business owner, you are eligible to deduct a portion of your Alabama health insurance premiums from your taxes. If you itemize your tax deduction, up to 80% of your premiums can be deducted.

More AL small business health insurance help

If you want more help getting the a good health insurance policy, read our guide to small business health insurance.

To find out more about AL group health insurance laws and regulations, visit the official website of the State of Alabama Department of Insurance.