Texas Health Insurance


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Texas Health Insurance

Texas has fewer health insurance regulations than most states. Still, it's important to familiarize yourself with them, so you're more confident and wise in your purchase.

This guide:

  • Describes important Texas health insurance policy regulations.

  • Lists rules Texas health insurance companies must follow.

Health insurance policies are regulated by each state's own health insurance laws. Texas health insurance companies and policyholders alike must abide by established insurance laws.

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Texas health insurance provisions

Some of the most important Texas health insurance laws are the ones that influence the health insurance policy specifically.

Texas health insurance laws require that all Texas health insurance policies include a clause called the guaranteed renewability provison. This mandatory provision gaurantees that at the end your Texas health insurance policy's term, you will be able to renew it for another year.

Taex health insurance laws regulate policy exclusion periods too. Medical conditions can be excluded from your Texas health insurance coverage for a period of time if they are considered pre-existing conditions.

State laws define the term ?pre-existing? differently. Texas health insurance regulation consider conditions to be pre-existing if you received medical treatment for or were diagnosed with the condition 5 years before the beginning of the health insurance policy.

Legally, Texas health insurance companies are allowed to include exclusion periods for pre-existing condition for up to 2 years. However, Texas health nsurance companies can also exclude coverage for pre-existing condition permanently by attaching an elimination rider to the policy.

If you switch health insurance companies, your old policy can be used to credit your new Texas health insurance policy's pre-existing exclusion period.

Regulating Texas health insurance companies

Health insurance laws in some states strictly regulate the cost and availability of health insurance policies, instead of letting insurance companies have total freedom. Texas health insurance laws are rather relaxed in this area, which means you just have to be more aware of what liberties your health insurance company are allowed.

For one, the availability and cost of Texas health insurance is determined by your health status. This means that any Texas health insurance company is free to refuse you coverage or increase your premiums due to your health status.

However, once you purchase a health insurance policy, it is illegal for a Texas health insurance company to deny you continued coverage on the basis of declining health.

Considering these relaxed controls and the legality of pre-exisint condition exclusion periods, it is recommended that you purchase a Texas health inurance polciy while you are young and healthy and continue to maintain that policy. By doing do you avoid the possibility of beinf denied Taxas health insurance when you need it most.

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