Oregon Health Insurance


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Oregon Health Insurance

Oregon has just a few health insurance regulations. It's especially important to familiarize yourself with these regulations, so you can really make wise choices and be more confident in your health insurance purchase.

This guide:

  • Describes important Oregon health insurance policy regulations.

  • Lists rules Oregon health insurance companies must follow.

Health insurance policies are regulated by each state's own health insurance laws. Oregon health insurance companies and policyholders alike must abide by established insurance laws.

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Oregon health insurance policy provisions

Some of the most important Oregon health insurance laws are the ones that influence the health insurance policy specifically.

For one, Oregon health insurance policies can include a stipulation that excludes coverage for a pre-existing condition. The exclusion period can be for a maximum of 6 months. During this period of time, your Oregon health insurance company is not responsible for any portion of medical expenses relating to your pre-existing condition.

However, if you are switching Oregon health insurance policies and have had continuous coverage, your old coverage can be used to credit the pre-existing condition period of your new plan.

Regulating Oregon health insurance companies

The other area of importance in regards to Oregon health insurance laws is the degree of influence your health insurance company has over your policy and its price.

Initially, your health can be used to determine the availability of health insurance, but it does not affect the cost. However, your premiums for Oregon health insurance are dependent on age and can increase as you get older.

Additionally, insurance company cannot refuse to renew your existing health insurance policy because you are ill.

Temporary Oregon health insurance

Temporary Oregon health insurance is necessary in times when you have breaks between your health insurance coverage. In Oregon, portability plans are available as a good option for temporary health insurance.

You are eligible for a portability plan if you have lost a fully insured group policy. Oregon health insurance laws direct health insurance companies to offer you the plan most similar to your former coverage as well as offering you a choice between two at least two health insurance policies that vary in cost.

A pre-existing condition period cannot be imposed by a portability plan and it cannot be canceled due to illness.

For those ineligible for portability plans, temporary Oregon health insurance is also available.

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To find out more about OR health insurance laws and regulations, visit the official website of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Division.