Birth Control

I have been taking the depo prevera shot for about the past year. A month ago I decided to quit taking the shot because I was having problems with becoming severly depressed all the time. Also, I was getting rashes all over my body. I'm not sure w...
by Melissa in Portual, 01/15/2007

Condition on the outside of the Vagina

Hello Right beside the vagina opening there is some kind of bump. I'm quite scared and not quite sure how i got it. Its a clear bump but seems to be getting bigger, right on the outside of the vagina. It almost looks as if it were a blister but i ...
by a in Ontario,Canada, 09/28/2006

Hysterectomy and Breastfeeding

I am having a vaginal hysterectomy the first week of November.  I will be keeping my ovaries.  Also, I plan on no general anesthesia.  My ob/gyn has said that we could do it with an epidural.  My pain tolerance is very hi...
by Cindy Spohn in Fort Worth, TX, 10/16/2006

blockage in the vagina

Hi there...I'm asking you because there is nobody I can ask in Korea where I am. HEre it goes: > Hi's an important question. > My girlfriend and I were trying to have sex. I have quite a bit > of experience. It was diffi...
by Anonymous in in Korea, 08/08/2006

pap test

can a pap test be done during a period
by jean in palisades pk nj, 01/29/2007

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