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about being pregant

I am late 62 days today . but i have not had to many signs . I have not had my period since feb 09 2006. I have had alot of back pain but besides that noting really , With my daughter I was very sick . I do have irregualar periods . But i have never g...
by maria in usa florida, 04/12/2006

corian polaxis cysts

Our daughter had an ultrasound today. She is 19 weeks pregnant. It showed what the Dr. described a corian polaxis cysts (might not be spelled right). What does this mean.
by Sandra Coulter in Ontario, Canada, 11/23/2006


Everyday there's a nagging feeling in my stomach and it makes me very uncomfortable, unfourtunatly. I am about 7 weeks pregnant and I cant wait to have the baby. There are alot of things that I dont know about being pregnant, because it's my f...
by eboni in washington DC, 01/21/2007

Chances of pregnancy

I had been on the pill for around 2 years and 8 months. sometimes i would stop taking it for 1 or 2 months because my boyfriend would go out of town. but then i stayed on it because i heard it wasnt good for your body to be off and on. well i got off ...
by Claudia in Los Angeles, California, 04/09/2006

Why can't I get pregnant?

hi, i just have one simple question. i have been trying to conceive. i would say about ten different times. But nothing has happened so far, i did get me period. Could that mean that iam not able to have a baby or there is a problem with my partner, o...
by anonymous in florida, 04/11/2006
Having a baby can be a life changing event. Find information from diet and vitamins before pregnancy to conception and weight loss after having your baby. Many resources listed here will give you more information on Postpartum Depression, pregnancy complications, and labor and delivery.

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