Gene Therapy


Gene Therapy

I am working on a research project and need information on the pros and cons, and ethical issues on gene therapy. Thank You
by Chris Condelli in United States, 09/04/2014

Bladder cancer and gene therapy

My twin sister had Stage 2 bladder cancer and now has a neobladder. Sh eis doing so very well. She is postiive for the p53 abniormal protein 9gene??). Do you beleive that gene therapy may be helpful to her any time in the near future? If so, could you...
by Barbara in United States, 03/13/2006

Can gene therapy cure Down syndrome?

Are scientists close to discovering a cure for Down syndrome using gene therapy? When will it be possible to recieve this treatment? In future will we be able to use gene therapy to cure this disorder? Also, will it be possible to use gene therapy to ...
by Kat in Queensland, Australia, 03/13/2006

gene therapy

what are the procedures of gene therepy? aims and pros and cons of gene therapy?
by janet in philippines, 02/23/2009

Gene Therapy

I would like to know the different types of technology involved in Gene Therapy. (Please use scientific Terms). I would also like to know who developed gene therapy and when is was developed. If there is ny other information on gene therapy that would...
by Kristelle in Australia, 03/07/2006

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