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  • BreakThrough Digest
  • CBS2 News: Health
  • - Health
  • Clinnix - daily news service focusing on delivering health care information online
  • HealthLeaders - offers magazine, news, research reports, forums, and more for those working in the health care industry
  • HealthScout - watches the medical world for news of personal interest to you and your family
  • Healthy Resources - dedicated to empowering people with chronic conditions including COPD and sleep apnea. Patients collaborate with health care professionals to provide books, information, community, services, and products to help one manage one's health
  • HoltzReport - stories and perspectives of medical journalist and broadcaster Andrew Holtz, former CNN Medical correspondent
  • NewsFile - more than 15 newsweeklies from three publishers, with emphasis on health, bioscience, medicine and biotechnology
  • Reuters Health Information Services - provides daily medical and health-related news written for the healthcare professional