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Neck pain called osteophyte encroachment

I have been diagnosed with osteophyte encroachment. Could you please explain to me in layman's terms what this is?
by Judy in Toronto, On, Canada, 03/13/2006

What is rosesha?

I have been told that I have rosesha. What is the cause and how is the best way to treat it? Can it cause reddening of the eyes?
by Carol Thomas in Colgate, WI, 11/19/2007


   Hormones are seccreted by What glands
by Jesus Arce in El Monte CA,, 05/05/2009

psp - progressive ... copies parkinsons

there is a degenerative disease that copies parkinsons called progressive .... psycology.  can you give information on this disease.  it appears to be no cure for it.
by dianne in usa, 01/26/2008

What does mascara aftifact obscuring the anterior globes mean in an MRI?

I had an MRI last week and received the radiologistís report today. My doctor is on vacation so I wonít get in to see him for 2 weeks. According to the report, everything was normal/unremarkable "with the exception of some mascara aftifact obscuring t...
by Nancy in Austin, TX, 03/07/2006

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