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Male baldness, receding hair lines, and hair loss


does propecia block DHT?

I've been taking Propecia for over a year now, but have still seen increased hair loss. I was looking on a website that sells shampoos that supposedly block out DHT that accumulates on the scalp. I was wondering if Propecia is supposed to block the DH...
by scott T. in Sacramento, CA, 03/24/2006

Receding hair line... is it the end???

I have a receding hair that has become more noticable in the last 12 months and my biggest worry is that its the first sign of becoming bald. Can a receding hair line stop a certain point or once its started you have to resign to the fact that you wil...
by Wayne in UK, 02/13/2006
Hair loss is an issue that affects most men, but some are more affected by it than others. Although there are many reasons for hair loss, 95 percent of all cases are due to Androgenetic Alopecia, which is more commonly known as Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss. This genetic condition occurs more frequently in males, affecting approximately 40 million men in the United States. Learn about the causes and treatment options for male (and female) pattern hair loss. Some men enjoy being bald, others want to do something about it.

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