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Male health information

Issues and concerns of particular interest to men. The listed resources include news, statistics, advice and tips, information on diseases and conditions that affect or afflict men. You will find sites dedicated to providing information for men on smoking, diet, exercise, sexual and reproductive health, relationships, mental health and support groups.

Site Listings

  • BBC Health: Men's Health
  • European Men's Health Forum
  • Health of Men
  • Healthy Men
  • Male Health - provides information about the key health problems that affect men
  • Men's Health - resource for men's health, relationships, lifestyle, mind, and tests provided by Department of Health, Hong Kong
  • Men's Health Issues - includes information about exercise, fat and cholesterol, and prostatic cancer screening
  • Men's Health Network - informational and educational organization committed to promoting issues affecting men's health
  • Men's Health Week - Featuring information about activities surrounding National Men's Health Week
  • Penis Owners Club - Information about the male genitalia and common problems
  • Penis Research - Resources and information on the male organ includes links and research on anatomy, circumcision, foreskin restoration and sexual functions
  • Sexual Healing: A Guide to Men's Sexual Health - Resource covering a variety of topics on men's sexual health, including male cancers, infertility, male menopause, sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, and safe sex
  • World Congress on Men's Health - WCMH provides information and exchange of experiences regarding men's health issues among researchers and practicing physicians, with the aim of increasing awareness of sex- and gender-specific medicine