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HealthDigest provides a health insurance information hub that helps families and businesses find family, individual, and short term health insurance plans. The information provided is geared primarily toward individual, family, and small business health insurance coverage. By offering a complete explanation of each state's health insurance policies and insurance terms, we aim to give our visitors the best resources for family and individual health insurance plans in your state. This insurance information ranges from free online health insurance information, to medicare supplemental insurance to individual state websites that explain their own health policies in greater detail. We know that insurance plan comparisons are needed to best assist you with an informed decision when buying health insurance from leading insurance companies. The information listed in our state specific insurance guides will help you to be better informed as well as find contacts with health insurance specialists in your area.

Browse our website for individual, student, family, and small business health insurance. As a consumer, you can use these health insurance resources for: an excellent glossary of health insurance and medical insurance terms; health insurance quote information on insurance programs designed for the self-employed, individuals or small businesses; many consumer tips categorized by state on buying health insurance; answers to some common health insurance questions within your state.

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