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drug interaction

  I take generic allergy relief-d 24 hour and i want to know if it safe to also take the generic cold and cough multisymptom medicine which also contains one of the ingredients of allergy relief pseudoephedrine sulfate
by Gilbert gonzalez in bay city,texas, 01/29/2007


MY wife is taking Sulfazine prescribed for SLE. She is taking 2000MG/day. Is there any know interaction between it and shellfish? She gets horribly ill (vomiting and diarreah), and she believes it is that cmbination.   Thank you, Ira Cohen
by ira Cohen in Jackson,NJ, 04/24/2007

drug interactions

I have 51 year old female client who is ventilator dependant, quadriplegic (some gross upper arm movement) with GT nutrition ( 2 cans crucial and 2 cans isocal) and indwelling urinary catheter. She was diagnosed with ALS and has been on the LP-10 vent...
by C.C. Pace RN, PHN in Paradise, CA, 04/28/2006


I am wondering if there is any medical proof of phentermine cuasing heart damage as the phen/phen combination did? Are there any adverse affects of taking this drug? Thank You
by Donna Tucker in usa, 05/08/2006

dry cough

my mother is 56 years old. after start to take her BP ACE tablets started chronic cough. what to do
by jovita, 06/08/2009

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