Temovate E (Topical)

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Temovate E (Topical) Drug and Prescription Information

Temovate E (Topical)

Temovate E (Topical) Medication Classification


Temovate E (Topical) Brandname

Olux, Cormax, Temovate, Embeline, Temovate Scalp Application, Embeline Scalp Application, Cormax Scalp Application, Clobevate, Clobex, Temovate E, Embeline E

Temovate E (Topical) is used for the Treatment

Clobetasol Propionate (kloe-BAY-ta-sol PROE-pee-oh-nate) Treats skin irritation, allergic reactions, and other types of skin problems.This medicine belongs to a class of drugs called corticosteroids.

When To Not Use Temovate E (Topical)

You should not use this medicine if you have had an unusual or allergic reaction to clobetasol, hydrocortisone, triamcinolone, or betamethasone in the past.

How Should You Use Temovate E (Topical)

Lotion, Gel/Jelly, Foam, Cream, Ointment, Liquid

  • Your doctor will tell you how much to use and how often.
  • For use on the skin only.
  • Put a small amount on the affected area. Rub in gently.
  • Allow the liquid to dry before putting on your clothes.
  • Do not cover the treated area of your skin with a bandage unless your doctor has told you to.
  • If you are using this medicine on your scalp, part your hair. Put a small amount on the affected area. Rub in gently.
  • If a dose is missed:
  • Apply the missed dose as soon as possible.
  • Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next regular dose.
  • You should not use two doses at the same time.

Proper Temovate E (Topical) Storage

Store Temovate E (Topical) at room temperature away from sunlight and moisture unless otherwise stated by manufacturer's instructions or labelling. Keep Temovate E (Topical) and all medications out of the reach of children.

What To Avoid While Using Temovate E (Topical)

Ask your doctor or pharmacist before using any other medicine, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products.

  • Unless approved by your doctor, do not mix or apply other skin medicines with this medicine.

Temovate E (Topical) Warnings

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before using this medicine.
  • Talk with your doctor before using this medicine if you have tuberculosis, diabetes, or an infection of the skin.
  • You should not use this medicine on the face, especially in or around the eyes.

Temovate E (Topical) Side Effects

Call your doctor right away if you notice any of these side effects:

  • Any signs of a skin infection such as redness or swelling
  • If the area seems not to heal
  • Irritation, burning, or redness of skin that was not there before using this medicine
  • If you notice these less serious side effects, talk with your doctor:
  • Acne-like skin changes
  • If skin problem does not improve after 2 weeks
  • Itching or mild skin rash
  • Mild temporary stinging

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