Teld - Ther

Teldrin HBP (Oral)
TELMISARTAN (Oral) (Tablet)
TEMAZEPAM (Oral) (Capsule
Temodar (Oral)
Temovate (Topical)
Temovate E (Topical)
Temovate Scalp Application (Topical)
TEMOZOLOMIDE (Oral) (Capsule)
Tenake (Oral)
Tenex (Oral)
TENIPOSIDE (Injection) (Injectable)
TENOFOVIR (Oral) (Tablet)
Tenoretic 100 (Oral)
Tenoretic 50 (Oral)
Tenormin (Oral)
Tenuate (Oral)
Tenuate Dospan (Oral)
Tequin (Oral)
Tequin Teq-Paqs (Oral)
Terak (Ophthalmic)
Terazol 3 (Vaginal)
Terazol 7 (Vaginal)
TERAZOSIN (Oral) (Capsule
TERBINAFINE (Oral) (Tablet)
TERBINAFINE (Topical) (Cream
TERBUTALINE (Oral) (Tablet)
TERCONAZOLE (Vaginal) (Cream
TERIPARATIDE (Injection) (Injectable)
Ternamar (Oral)
Ternamar Low Iron (Oral)
Terramycin w/Polymyxin B Sulfate (Ophthalmic)
Tessalon Perles (Oral)
Testim (Topical)
Testoderm (Transdermal)
TESTOSTERONE (Buccal) (Lozenge/Troche)
TESTOSTERONE (Injection) (Injectable)
TESTOSTERONE (Topical) (Gel/Jelly)
TESTOSTERONE (Transdermal) (Patch
Testro AQ (Injection)
TETANUS IMMUNE GLOBULIN (Injection) (Injectable)
TETANUS TOXOID (Injection) (Injectable)
Tetra Tannate Pediatric (Oral)
Tetra-Mag (Oral)
Tetracon (Oral)
TETRACYCLINE (Oral) (Capsule
TETRACYCLINE (Topical) (Ointment
Tetterine (Topical)
Teveten (Oral)
Texacort (Topical)
THALIDOMIDE (Oral) (Capsule)
Thalitone (Oral)
Thalomid (Oral)
The Magic Bullet (Rectal)
The Medicine Shoppe Allergy Relief (Oral)
The Medicine Shoppe Allergy Relief 24 Hour (Oral)
The Medicine Shoppe Allergy Relief D12 (Oral)
The Medicine Shoppe Tioconazole-1 (Vaginal)
Theo-24 (Oral)
Theo-Dur (Oral)
Theo-Time (Oral)
TheoCap (Oral)
Theochron (Oral)
Theolair (Oral)
Theophylline (Oral)
THEOPHYLLINE (Oral) (Tablet)
Thera (Oral)
Thera-M Enhanced (Oral)
Thera-M Multiple (Oral)
Thera-Plus (Oral)
Therabasic M (Oral)
Theracys (Intravesical)
Theraflu Flu & Cold (Oral)

Drugs in Teld - Ther