Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole

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can alcohol be consumed while taking bactrim

I would like to know if i can consume alcohol while taking "sulfamethoxazole"
by Philip Williams in Los Angeles, California, 08/14/2007

Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole
Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim, Cotrim, Septra)
Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole
(try- METH-oh-prim, sul-fah-meh- THOX-ah-zohl)
Pregnancy Category: C Apo-Sulfatrim Bactrim Bactrim DS Bactrim IV Bactrim Pediatric Bactrim Roche Cotrim Cotrim D.S. Cotrim Pediatric Novo-Trimel Novo-Trimel D.S. Nu-Cotrimix Pro-Trin Roubac Septra Septra DS Septra Injection Septra IV Sulfatrim Trisulfa Trisulfa DS (Rx)

Classification: Antibacterial

See Also: See also Sulfonamides .

Content: These products contain the antibacterial agents sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. See also Sulfamethoxazole.
Oral Suspension: Sulfamethoxazole, 200 mg and trimethoprim, 40 mg/5 mL.
Tablets: Sulfamethoxazole, 400 mg and trimethoprim, 80 mg/tablet.
Double Strength (DS) Tablets: Sulfamethoxazole, 800 mg and trimethoprim, 160 mg/tablet.
Concentrate for injection: Sulfamethoxazole, 80 mg and trimethoprim, 16 mg/mL.

Uses: PO, Parenteral: UTIs due to Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Pseudomonas mirabilis and vulgaris and Morganella morganii. Enteritis due to Shigella flexneri or S. sonnei. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis in children and adults. PO: Acute otitis media in children due to Haemophilus influenzae or Streptococcus pneumoniae. Traveler's diarrhea in adults due to E. coli. Prophylaxis of P. carinii pneumonia in immunocompromised clients (including those with AIDS). Acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis in adults due to H. influenzae or S. pneumoniae. Investigational: Cholera, salmonella, nocardiosis, prophylaxis of recurrent UTIs in women, prophylaxis of neutropenic clients with P. carinii infections or leukemia clients to decrease incidence of gram-negative rod bacteremia. Treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis. Decrease chance of urinary and blood bacterial infections in renal transplant clients.

Additional Contraindications: Infants under 2 months of age. During pregnancy at term. Megaloblastic anemia due to folate deficiency. Lactation.

Special Concerns: Use with caution in impaired liver or kidney function and in clients with possible folate deficiency. AIDS clients may not tolerate or respond to this product.

Laboratory Test Alterations: Jaffe alkaline picrate reaction overestimation of creatinine by 10%.

Additional Drug Interactions: Alcohol / Possible disulfiram-like reaction Cyclosporine / Cyclosporine effect; risk of nephrotoxicity Dapsone / Effect of both dapsone and trimethoprim Methotrexate / Risk of toxicity R/T displacement from plasma protein binding sites Phenytoin / Effect R/T hepatic clearance Sulfonylureas / Hypoglycemic effect Thiazide diuretics / Risk of thrombocytopenia with purpura in geriatric clients Warfarin / PT Zidovudine / AZT serum levels R/T renal clearance

How Supplied: See Content

?Oral Suspension, Double-Strength Tablets, Tablets UTIs, shigellosis, bronchitis, acute otitis media.
Adults: 1 DS tablet, 2 tablets, or 4 teaspoonfuls of suspension q 12 hr for 10-14 days. Pediatric: Total daily dose of 8 mg/kg trimethoprim and 40 mg/kg sulfamethoxazole divided equally and given q 12 hr for 10-14 days. ( NOTE: For shigellosis, give adult or pediatric dose for 5 days.) For clients with impaired renal function the following dosage is recommended: C CR of 15-30 mL/min: one-half the usual regimen and for C CR less than 15 mL/min: use is not recommended.
1 DS tablet b.i.d. for at least 7 days (alternate therapy: 4 DS tablets in a single dose).
Pharyngeal gonococcal infection due to penicillinase-producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
720 mg trimethoprim and 3,600 mg sulfamethoxazole once daily for 5 days.
Prophylaxis of P. carinii pneumonia.
Adults: 160 mg trimethoprim and 800 mg sulfamethoxazole q 24 hr. Children: 150 mg/m 2 of trimethoprim and 750 mg/m 2 sulfamethoxazole daily in equally divided doses b.i.d. on three consecutive days per week. Do not exceed a total daily dose of 320 mg trimethoprim and 1,600 mg sulamethoxazole.
Treatment of P. carinii pneumonia.
Adults and children: Total daily dose of 15-20 mg/kg trimethoprim and 100 mg/kg sulfamethoxazole divided equally and given q 6 hr for 14-21 days.
Prophylaxis of P. carinii pneumonia in immunocompromised clients.
1 DS tablet daily.
Traveler's diarrhea.
Adults, 1 DS tablet q 12 hr for 5 days.
Prostatitis, acute bacterial.
1 DS tablet b.i.d. until client is afebrile for 48 hr; treatment may be required for up to 30 days.
Prostatitis, chronic bacterial.
1 DS tablet b.i.d. for 4-6 weeks.
?IV UTIs, shigellosis, acute otitis media.
Adults and children: 8-10 mg/kg/day (based on trimethoprim) in two to four divided doses q 6, 8, or 12 hr for up to 14 days for severe UTIs or 5 days for shigellosis.
Treatment of P. carinii pneumonia
Adults and children: 15-20 mg/kg/day (based on trimethoprim) in 3-4 divided doses q 6-8 hr for up to 14 days.

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Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole

Effectiveness: ****

Ease of Use: *****

Overall Satisfaction: *****


Dr. Arvel Huneycutt, USA - 06/19/2008

Bactrim has helped clear me of my MRSA infection. It has rid me of my blisters however not killed the virus.

Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole

Effectiveness: *****

Ease of Use: *****

Overall Satisfaction: ***


krishna, Sudan - 04/23/2008

Prior to taking Bactrim, I was a little concerned about what would happen. I had read so many negative reviews based on allergic reactions that I almost didn't even take Bactrim. I'm happy that I decided to take the risk. I have now been taking Bactrim for almost a year, and they have helped treat my MRSA-positive skin abscesses in a great way. I don't know how I would be dealing with my problem without Bactrim. So if you're like me and you read a lot of negative reviews, do not immediately decide not to take this medication. It would be wise to try to figure out what kind of allergic reactions you might have, but if you don't have the potential for an allergic reaction, then you are missing out on a highly effective drug.