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Tioconazole (Gyno-Trosyd , Trosyd , Vagistat-1)
(tie-oh- KON-ah-zohl)
Pregnancy Category: C Gynecure Monistat 1 Trosyd AF Trosyd J Vagistat-1 (Rx) (OTC)

Classification: Antifungal, vaginal

Action/Kinetics: Antifungal activity thought to be due to alteration of the permeability of the cell membrane of the fungus, causing leakage of essential intracellular compounds. The systemic absorption of the drug in nonpregnant clients is negligible.

Uses: Candida albicans infections of the vulva and vagina. Also effective against Torulopsis glabrata. OTC for recurrent vaginal yeast infections in those who have previously been diagnosed and have the same symptoms again.

Contraindications: Use of a vaginal applicator during pregnancy may be contraindicated.

Special Concerns: Safety and effectiveness have not been determined during lactation or in children.

Side Effects: GU: Burning, itching, irritation, vulvar edema and swelling, discharge, vaginal pain, dysuria, dyspareunia, nocturia, desquamation, dryness of vaginal secretions.

How Supplied: Ointment: 6.5%

?Vaginal Ointment, 6.5%
One applicator full (about 4.6 g) should be inserted intravaginally at bedtime for 3 days. If needed, the treatment period can be extended to 6 days. Monistat 1 is intended as a one-dose product.

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