Secobarbital sodium

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How can I get a sleeping aid that worked for me years ago

  For the past 7 years I have been a cancer patient with good and bad periods of general health. Through it all, I have had an increasingly difficult time getting a good night's sleep. Doctors have prescribed everything from Sonata ($100 for ...
by D. Leonard in Gig Harbor, WA, 02/11/2007

Is seconol sodium safe for me?

I am a 79 year old male. After trying sonata, levista, and ambien for insomnia, and none of them working (levista and sonata - I was awake all night. Ambien - 2 hours of sleep only, and later an anxiety attack) my doctor prescribed 100 mg seconal sodi...
by Frank M in USA, 07/12/2006

Secobarbital sodium
Secobarbital sodium (Seconal Sodium)
Secobarbital sodium
(see-koh- BAR-bih-tal)
Pregnancy Category: D Novo-Secobarb Seconal Sodium (C-II) (Rx)

Classification: Barbiturate sedative-hypnotic

See Also: See also Barbiturates .

Action/Kinetics: Short-acting. Distributed quickly due to high lipid solubility. Onset: 10-15 min. t 1/2: 15-40 hr. Duration: 3-4 hr. Is 46%-70% protein bound.

Uses: Short-term treatment of insomnia (2 weeks or less).

Special Concerns: Elderly or debilitated clients may be more sensitive to the drug and require reduced dosage.

How Supplied: Capsule: 100 mg

•Capsule Hypnotic.
Adults: 100 mg at bedtime.

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