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Phendimetrazine tartrate
Phendimetrazine tartrate
Phendimetrazine tartrate
(fen-dye- ME-trah-zeen)
Pregnancy Category: C Adipost Bontrol PDM and Slow-Release Dital Dyrexan-OD Melfiat-105 Unicelles Plegine Prelu-2 Rexigen Forte (C-III) (Rx)

Classification: Anorexiant

See Also: See also Amphetamines and Derivatives .

Action/Kinetics: Duration, tablets: 4 hr. t 1/2: 5.5 hr (average).

Uses: Short-term (8-12 weeks) treatment of exogenous obesity in conjunction with a weight reduction program including exercise, reduced caloric intake, and behavior modification.

How Supplied: Capsule: 35 mg; Capsule, Extended Release: 105 mg; Tablet: 35 mg

?Capsules, Tablets
Adults: 35 mg 2-3 times/day 1 hr before meals. Maximum daily dose: 70 mg t.i.d.
?Extended-Release Capsules, Extended-Release Tablets
Adults: 105 mg/day 30-60 min before the morning meal.

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