Oprelvekin (Interleukin 11)

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Oprelvekin (Interleukin 11)
Oprelvekin (Neumega)
(oh- PREL-veh-kin)
Pregnancy Category: C Neumega (Rx)

Classification: Recombinant human interleukin

Action/Kinetics: Produced by DNA recombinant technology. Interleukin 11 is a thrombopoietic growth factor that directly stimulates proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells and megakaryocyte progenitor cells and induces megakaryocyte maturation. This results in increased platelet production. Peak serum levels: 3.2 hr. t 1/2, terminal: 6.9 hr. Metabolized and excreted through urine.

Uses: Prevention of thrombocytopenia following myelosuppressive chemotherapy in clients with nonmyeloid malignancies who are at high risk of severe thrombocytopenia.

Contraindications: Use following myeloablative chemotherapy. Lactation.

Special Concerns: Use with caution in CHF or those who may be susceptible to developing CHF, and in those with history of heart failure who are well compensated and receiving appropriate medical therapy. Use with caution in those with history of atrial arrhythmia, in preexisting papilledema or with tumors involving CNS. Safety and efficacy have not been determined in children.

Side Effects: Body as a whole: Edema, neutropenic fever, headache, fever, rash, conjunctival infection, asthenia, chills, pain, infection, flu-like symptoms. GI: N&V, mucositis, diarrhea, oral moniliasis, abdominal pain, constipation, dyspepsia. CV: Tachycardia, vasodilation, palpitations, syncope, atrial fibrillation or flutter, thrombocytosis, thrombotic events. CNS: Dizziness, insomnia, nervousness. Respiratory: Dyspnea, rhinitis, increased cough, pharyngitis, pleural effusion. Miscellaneous: Anorexia, ecchymosis, myalgia, bone pain, alopecia, mild visual blurring (transient).
In cancer clients: Also, amblyopia, dehydration, exfoliative dermatitis, eye hemorrhage, paresthesia, skin discoloration.

Laboratory Test Alterations: Hemoglobin, serum albumin, transferrin, gamma globulins (all due to expansion of plasma volume).

Overdose Management: Symptoms: Increased incidence of cardiovascular events if doses greater than 50 mcg/kg are given. Treatment: Discontinue drug and observe for signs of toxicity.

How Supplied: Powder for injection, lyophilized: 5 mg

?SC Injection Prevent thrombocytopenia.
Adults: 50 mcg/kg once daily SC either in the abdomen, thigh, or hip. Dose of 75-100 mcg/kg in children will produce plasma levels consistent with a 50 mcg/kg dose in adults.

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