Nitroglycerin transdermal system

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Is there a transdermal patch for sensitive skin?

Is there a Nitroglyserin transdermal patch with adhesive for sensitive skin?
by Fred Hintze in NC, 12/28/2007

Nitroglycerin transdermal system
Nitroglycerin transdermal system (Deponit 0.2 mg/hr and 0.4 mg/hr)
Nitroglycerin Transdermal System
(nye-troh- GLIH-sir-in)
Pregnancy Category: C Deponit 0.2 mg/hr and 0.4 mg/hr Minitran 0.1 mg/hr, 0.2 mg/hr, 0.4 mg/hr, and 0.6 mg/hr Nitrek 0.2 mg/hr, 0.4 mg/hr, and 0.6 mg/hr Nitrodisc 0.2 mg/hr, 0.3 mg/hr, and 0.4 mg/hr Nitro-Dur 0.1 mg/hr, 0.2 mg/hr, 0.3 mg/hr, 0.4 mg/hr, 0.6 mg/hr, and 0.8 mg/hr Transderm-Nitro 0.1 mg/hr, 0.2 mg/hr, 0.4 mg/hr, and 0.6 mg/hr (Rx)

Classification: Antianginal agent (coronary vasodilator)

See Also: See also Antianginal Drugs, Nitrates/Nitrites .

Action/Kinetics: Onset: 30-60 min; duration: 8-24 hr. The amount released each hour is indicated in the name.

Uses: Prophylaxis of angina pectoris due to CAD. NOTE: There is some evidence that nitroglycerin patches stop preterm labor. Also, high-dose nitrate therapy with an ACE inhibitor may cause significant, progressive, and long-term enhancement of exercise tolerance within 2 months of initiation of nitrate therapy.

Special Concerns: Dosage has not been established in children.

How Supplied: Film, Extended Release: 0.1 mg/hr, 0.2 mg/hr, 0.3 mg/hr, 0.4 mg/hr, 0.6 mg/hr, 0.8 mg/hr

?Topical Patch
Initial: 0.2-0.4 mg/hr (initially the smallest available dose in the dosage series) applied each day to skin site free of hair and free of excessive movement (e.g., chest, upper arm). Maintenance: Additional systems or strengths may be added depending on the clinical response.

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