Nitroglycerin topical ointment

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Nitroglycerin topical ointment
Nitroglycerin topical ointment (Nitro-Bid)
Nitroglycerin Topical Ointment
(nye-troh- GLIH-sir-in)
Pregnancy Category: C Nitro-Bid Nitrol Nitrol TSAR Kit Nitrong (Rx)

Classification: Antianginal agent (coronary vasodilator)

See Also: See also Antianginal Drugs, Nitrates/Nitrites .

Action/Kinetics: Onset: 30-60 min; duration: 2-12 hr (depending on amount used per unit of surface area).

Uses: Prophylaxis and treatment of angina pectoris due to CAD.

Special Concerns: Dosage has not been established in children.

How Supplied: Ointment: 2%

?Topical Ointment (2%)
1-2 in. (15-30 mg) q 8 hr; up to 4-5 in. (60-75 mg) q 4 hr may be necessary. One inch equals approximately 15 mg nitroglycerin. Determine optimum dosage by starting with 1/2 in. q 8 hr and increasing by 1/2 in. with each successive dose until headache occurs; then, decrease to largest dose that does not cause headache. When ending treatment, reduce both the dose and frequency of administration over 4-6 weeks to prevent sudden withdrawal reactions.

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