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Monoctanoin (Moctanin)
(mahn- OCK-tah-noyn)
Pregnancy Category: C Moctanin (Rx)

Classification: Solubilizer for gallstones

Action/Kinetics: A semisynthetic esterified glycerol that causes complete dissolution of gallstones in approximately one-third of treated clients, with an additional one-third manifesting a decrease in the size of stones. The decreased size may allow the stone to pass spontaneously.

Uses: To solubilize cholesterol gallstones located in the biliary tract, especially when other treatments have failed or cannot be undertaken. Most effective if the stones are radiolucent.

Contraindications: Biliary tract infection, recent duodenal ulcer or jejunitis, clinical jaundice, impaired hepatic function, acute pancreatitis, porto-systemic shunting, or any active life-threatening problems that would be complicated by perfusion into the biliary tract.

Special Concerns: Use with caution during lactation. Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established.

Side Effects: GI: Irritation of GI and biliary tracts, ascending cholangitis, erythema in antral and duodenal mucosa, ulceration or irritation of the mucosa of the common bile duct, increased fistula drainage, duodenal erosion, abdominal pain or discomfort, N&V, diarrhea, indigestion, anorexia, burning epigastrium, bile shock. CNS: Fever, fatigue, lethargy, depression, headache. Other: Leukopenia, pruritus, chills, diaphoresis, hypokalemia, intolerance, allergic symptoms.

Laboratory Test Alterations: Serum amylase.

How Supplied: Solution

?Infusion via Catheter Inserted into Common Bile Duct Cholesterol gallstones.
Perfuse at rate not to exceed 3-5 mL/hr at a pressure of 10 cm water (to minimize irritation) for 7-21 days.

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