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very light spot after taking cytotec, is it succesful or should i repeat?

HI, i toke 5 cytotec...first i swallowed 2, and inserted 2...when there is already a spot i swalowed the last tablet...there is cramp but i can tolerate it, just like a mild dismenorrhea...I have a diarrhea, when i dispose, there is a spot that would ...
by amber in Manila, Philippines, 06/12/2014

How to use misoprostol for an abortion

I did take cytotec las march 7 and last march 20 i take 3 tablets on my first attempt and 6 on may last attempt my stomach felt cramping but I dont bleed what will i do??? I would like to know what is the proper procedure yo use cytotec? By the way I ...
by joyce in phillippines, 04/09/2006

How to use cytotec for abortion?

Am wondering if how to use cytotec drug in abortion... it was my bestfriend who really use it but it seems that she was not yet bleeding, she almost 8 cytotect first 3, the second three again and last was 2 tablet.. How to use it...?thank you...
by Mike, 06/21/2007

Misoprostol (Cytotec)
(my-soh- PROST-ohl)
Pregnancy Category: X Cytotec (Rx)

Classification: Prostaglandin

Action/Kinetics: Synthetic prostaglandin E 1 analog that inhibits gastric acid secretion, protects the gastric mucosa by increasing bicarbonate and mucous production, and decreases pepsin levels during basal conditions. May also stimulate uterine contractions that may endanger pregnancy. Rapidly converted to the active misoprostol acid. Time for peak levels of misoprostol acid: 12 min. t 1/2, misoprostol acid: 20-40 min. Misoprostol acid is less than 90% bound to plasma protein. NOTE: Misoprostol does not prevent development of duodenal ulcers in clients on NSAIDs.

Uses: Prevention of aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory-induced gastric ulcers in clients with a high risk of gastric ulcer complications (e.g., geriatric clients with debilitating disease) or in those with a history of ulcer. Investigational: Treat duodenal ulcers including those unresponsive to histamine H 2 antagonists. With cyclosporine and prednisone to decrease the incidence of acute graft rejection in renal transplant clients (the drug improves renal function). With methotrexate to induce abortion.

Contraindications: Allergy to prostaglandins, pregnancy, during lactation (may cause diarrhea in nursing infants).

Special Concerns: Use with caution in clients with renal impairment and in clients older than 64 years of age. Safety and efficacy have not been established in children less than 18 years of age. May cause miscarriage with potentially serious bleeding.

Side Effects: GI: Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence, vomiting, constipation. Gynecologic: Spotting, cramps, dysmenorrhea, hypermenorrhea, menstrual disorders, postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. Miscellaneous: Headache.

Overdose Management: Symptoms: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspnea, sedation, tremor, fever, palpitations, bradycardia, hypotension, seizures. Treatment: Use supportive therapy.

How Supplied: Tablet: 100 mcg, 200 mcg

Adults: 200 mcg q.i.d. with food. Dose can be reduced to 100 mcg if the larger dose cannot be tolerated. In renal impairment, the 200-mcg dose can be reduced if necessary.

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Ashley, Sacramento, Ca - 06/05/2011

So after 9 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, I found out on 5/31/11 my baby was only measuring at 5/29/11 (9 weeks 1 day) with no heartbeat. It was the most heartbreaking moment in my life. My doctor did two ultrasounds and sent me to an ultrasound place for confirmation. Well I had a follow up appointment on June 3rd 2011, my doctor told me my blood pressure has been too high and my thyroid shut down because of the pregnancy hormone so I needed to get the baby out for my safety as soon as possible. She really wanted to do a D&C but for three reasons I did not want to 1. It can perforate your uterus and hurt your chances of having more babies, 2. I don’t like surgeries, 3. I felt I owed it to my baby to deliver her vaginally , and I kinda wanted to see her too! ( Im going to school to be an OB/GYN so this stuff fascinates me and also I just really wanted to meet my little one). So the doctor sent me home with four vaginal cyotecs/misoprostols to insert all at the same time, also gave me 20 norco/vicodin , and 600 mg ibuprofens. Now after reading all the horror stories online I was so nervous and DID NOT want to do this at all, I wanted to do this all naturally for my mental sake, but my doctor insisted my health was more important. So pretty much I was prepared for anything and the worst! But this was the best story I think, out of all the misoprostol/cyotec stories. So you can read on with ease and I hope your experience is the same! Along with the schedual I am about to read you, my mom was making sure my temperature didn’t rise or decrease and was also taking my blood pressure every two hours because these pills have different and interesting stories and she is a worry wart. So here was my schedule: 6/3/2011
1. Inserted four cyotec 200 mg tablets into my vagina at 7pm and also took 600 mg of ibuprofen, and laid down for two hours and didn’t use the batheroom.
2. At 8:52pm I took my 5 mg tablet or norco/vicadin because I started to feel light cramping and I knew it would probably only get worse from there. At 9pm the cramps were about a 3 on a 10 scale of pain. I also had a heating pad this entire time up until the next day, which really helped. When my cramps began I also put a pad in (regular size pad)
3. Then I took vicadin again at 12:07am and noticed my water had broke and a couple moments later some blood came. Cramps were now a 8 on a 10 scale, and I took more ibuprofen 600 mg at 12:30am
4. At 12:50am there was a lot of blood and had to change my pad, I went to the batheroom and blood was leaking which my mom reassured me is okay for a lot of blood in the beginning before the blood clots pass so in the beginning DO NOT FREAK OUT LIKE I DID!!! I almost passed out until my mom reminded me it was fine and I wasn’t dying lol..
5. Then at 3:15am I took vicadin and had no cramps, this point I kept heating the hot pad and it really helped a lot. I drank lots and lots of water this whole time and ate what I could because I kept getting nauseous at different points in time, but I knew I had to eat so I wouldn’t be unstable.
6. Then at about 5:00am I got up to go pee and I had some blood that I noticed wasn’t really leaking so I wiped and went to stand up and out plopped my little baby =) and her placenta at 5:03am. It did not hurt at all it just felt like a slimey worm slipping out my vagina (for lack of better words) depending on how far along you are you should be able to see it, I was 9 weeks so mine was about a inch to a inch and a half long and could tell the head legs arms and eyes, it was very special and I loved that I got to witness this. At this point I felt like a new borns mother and could not sleep (im not sure why but everything was a relief) and me personally wanted to bury my baby so my mom put her in a paper towel (with gloves on) and put the paper towel in two ziplock bags.
7. I took another ibuprofen at 5:30am, and my stomach did not feel like period cramps anymore it was a interesting feeling, like pulling apart in your stomach.. not painful just weird.
8. Then at 5:45am I passed three dime size clots then a fourth one that was about the size of four fingers put together in a clot, pretty big. And it felt really weird coming out. Not to mention it looked really weird coming out.
9. I also took another vicadin at 6am
10. Woke up at about 7:20am to find a little blood on my pad and walked to the batheroom to go pee and there was a little more blood not a lot just kinda like on your period when it drips, and a blood clot about the size of a silver dollar came out
11. At the point ive had no more cramps, just a lot of gas. I took another vicadin at 9:30am
12. I woke up at 11am and was starting not to have as much blood just a little strip in the pad and I took more ibuprofen (only because my mom said that sometimes more pain can come later after you pass the baby) I wasn’t having any more pain
13. Took another vicadin at 1:30pm, this whole time I have also still been taking my prenatal pills for nutrients and nutrition and my mom suggested to keep taking for one week after this whole miscarriage happens so my body can recooperate.
14. Again on 6/4/11 I took a ibuprofen at 4:30pm and will take another vicadin at 7:30pm, my mom advised if I have no more pain today I can stop taking all these pain pills tomorrow (im not a pain pill person I don’t like being on pills and especially vicadin cause it makes me feel weird)

This has been my experience so far, I would definitely do this over again because it helped me to some what gain closure over the sad death of my baby. It was not too painful and excruciating as everyone made it out to be. I would definitely say have someone with you ( I had my mom) because they can help you with everything you need and if you feel like youre bleeding a lot they can reassure you you aren’t dying, or maybe you are and they need to call 911, but they can get you water, heat your pads, and bring you food. It is also good (when you aren’t in a lot of pain) to walk around so you pass the clots and get the blood out. I have a follow up with my OB on Monday 6/6/11 at 11:30am so if I can update this I will to tell you how everything went but goodluck and I hope this helped!