Metoprolol succinate

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taking metoprolol succinate and coreg

The doctor put me on coreg for my heart condition. I get some of my medicine from the VA and some from the local Drug store. Some of the medication from the VA is substituted. The Doctor has me on 25Mg of Coreg 1p.o. b.i.d. the VA substituted Metoprol...
by Don Peck in Charlotte NC, 02/28/2007

Metoprol succinate tablets prescribed for hypertention

  Does this drug give any skin allergy such as dark /black discoloration with itching on the face?
by asha in india, 12/17/2008

Metoprolol (Toprol-XL)

My wife has recently been prescribed Metoprolol (Toprol-XL) in place of Atenolol 25mg, because her BP has recently dropped to 97/59. (Coincidental with the application of the Nitro-Dur patches) She has had three (3) MIs previously. She also has severe...
by Derek Olley in One Mile, Queensland, Australia, 06/09/2006


by SUDARSHAN in CANADA, 10/09/2006

metoprolol 50 mg

I'am a 40 yr old female with blood pressure problems. the Dr put me on Metoprolol 50 mg 3 months ago. Instead of my blood pressure coming down it is going up more & more as i take the medicine. i take half in the morning half at night..I'a...
by cindy in Texas, 10/09/2006

Metoprolol succinate
Metoprolol succinate
(me-toe- PROH-lohl)
Pregnancy Category: C Toprol XL (Rx)
Metoprolol tartrate
Metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor)
(me-toe- PROH-lohl)
Pregnancy Category: B Apo-Metoprolol Apo-Metoprolol (Type L) Betaloc Betaloc Durules Gen-Metoprolol Lopressor Novo-Metoprol Nu-Metop PMS-Metoprolol-B (Rx)

Classification: Beta-adrenergic blocking agent

See Also: See also Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents .

Action/Kinetics: Exerts mainly beta-1-adrenergic blocking activity although beta-2 receptors are blocked at high doses. Has no membrane stabilizing or intrinsic sympathomimetic effects. Moderate lipid solubility. Onset: 15 min. Peak plasma levels: 90 min. t 1/2: 3-7 hr. Effect of drug is cumulative. Food increases bioavailability. Exhibits significant first-pass effect. Metabolized in liver and excreted in urine.

Uses: Metoprolol Succinate: Alone or with other drugs to treat hypertension. Chronic management of angina pectoris.
Metoprolol Tartrate: Hypertension (either alone or with other antihypertensive agents, such as thiazide diuretics). Acute MI in hemodynamically stable clients. Angina pectoris. Investigational: IV to suppress atrial ectopy in COPD, aggressive behavior, prophylaxis of migraine, ventricular arrhythmias, enhancement of cognitive performance in geriatric clients, essential tremors.

Additional Contraindications: Myocardial infarction in clients with a HR of less than 45 beats/min, in second- or third-degree heart block, or if SBP is less than 100 mm Hg. Moderate to severe cardiac failure.

Special Concerns: Safety and effectiveness have not been established in children. Use with caution in impaired hepatic function and during lactation.

Laboratory Test Alterations: Serum transaminase, LDH, alkaline phosphatase.

Additional Drug Interactions: Cimetidine / May plasma metoprolol levels Contraceptives, oral / May metoprolol effects Methimazole / May metoprolol effects Phenobarbital / Metoprolol effect R/T liver metabolism Propylthiouracil / May metoprolol effects Quinidine / May metoprolol effects Rifampin / Metoprolol effect R/T liver metabolism

How Supplied: Metoprolol succinate: Tablet, Extended Release: 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg. Metoprolol tartrate: Injection: 1 mg/mL; Tablet: 50 mg, 100 mg

?Metoprolol Succinate Tablets Angina pectoris.
Individualized. Initial: 100 mg/day in a single dose. Dose may be increased slowly, at weekly intervals, until optimum effect is reached or there is a pronounced slowing of HR. Doses above 400 mg/day have not been studied.
Initial: 50-100 mg/day in a single dose with or without a diuretic. Dosage may be increased in weekly intervals until maximum effect is reached. Doses above 400 mg/day have not been studied.
?Metoprolol Tartrate Tablets Hypertension.
Initial: 100 mg/day in single or divided doses; then, dose may be increased weekly to maintenance level of 100-450 mg/day. A diuretic may also be used.
Aggressive behavior.
200-300 mg/day.
Essential tremors.
50-300 mg/day.
Prophylaxis of migraine.
50-100 mg b.i.d.
Ventricular arrhythmias.
200 mg/day.
?Metoprolol Tartrate Injection (IV) and Tablets Early treatment of MI.
3 IV bolus injections of 5 mg each at approximately 2-min intervals. If clients tolerate the full IV dose, give 50 mg q 6 hr PO beginning 15 min after the last IV dose (or as soon as client's condition allows). This dose is continued for 48 hr followed by late treatment: 100 mg b.i.d. as soon as feasible; continue for 1-3 months (although data suggest treatment should be continued for 1-3 years). In clients who do not tolerate the full IV dose, begin with 25-50 mg q 6 hr PO beginning 15 min after the last IV dose or as soon as the condition allows.

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Metoprolol succinate

Effectiveness: *****

Ease of Use: ***

Overall Satisfaction: **


Hannik, Hannik - 01/14/2014

Finally, a sleeping pill that aculltay works! Can't take this full strength because it makes me sleep way too long and leaves me groggy the entire rest of the day. Broken in half, allows a GOOD full nights sleep with no bad side effects. Will try a 1/4 pill dosage soon and see what happens. Fearing dependence or wearing off, I only take this every 3rd or 4th night and it appears to be regulating my system to sleep better on it's own.Absolutely can't beat the price and thanks Amazon for bringing this to my attention.Update 4/12/2012: 1 year into using this neat little pill and it still does it's magic every time. I also believe that it really has helped regulate my sleep pattern better because I don't really need it as much as I did when first purchased.

Metoprolol succinate

Effectiveness: *

Ease of Use: *

Overall Satisfaction: *


Cierrah, bartow - 10/17/2010

The side effects of this medication were horrible for me. For nine months, we took Metoprolol Tartrate Oral and had an awful experience. I suffered from insomnia, edema of the legs and ankles and my blood pressure spiked up from 125/80 to 190/92. Not only can I not sleep, but I walk around during the day feeling foggy and lethargic. I wouldn't recommend this medication to anyone unless they talk to their doctor about these side effects.

Metoprolol succinate

Effectiveness: ***

Ease of Use: ***

Overall Satisfaction: ***


becky, Jacksonville, FL - 01/05/2010

I scheduled an appointment with my coronary specialist for next week. I recently had coronary bi-pass surgery and was prescribed Metoprolol Tartrate Oral by my physician. I started at 50mg twice a day and 36 months later I have noticed an slight change in blood pressure and other side effects like headaches, dark urine and painful angina. I took it upon myself to lower the dosage but I have noticed very little change in the way I feel.

Metoprolol succinate

Effectiveness: ***

Ease of Use: ****

Overall Satisfaction: *


Ben-ji, mount vernon, ny - 04/24/2008

I started taking this medication approximately 8 months ago. Over time my symptoms have gotten increasingly worse. From the beginning, there was an increased tinnitus and I now suffer from heartburn, indigestion, and feel nauseous. I also have a very bad taste in my mouth. I am usually not very sensitive to medications but I do believe that the metoprolol is causing me these problems.

Metoprolol succinate

Effectiveness: *****

Ease of Use: *****

Overall Satisfaction: *****


Michelle Turner, enterprise alabama - 01/20/2008

This medicine is one that I have been taking for four years now and it has caused no side affects to me at all.