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does it reduce fluid, swelling and short of breadth

  My mum suffers from heart failure and in addition to 80 mg lasics daily she also takes 2.5 metolazone but continues to have swelling on the feet, angina in the nights  and she is short of breadth...I want to know how i can help her with th...
by rameez in srilanka, 02/04/2009


   I would like to know the usual dosage for metolazone. I have been prescribed 5mg, once a day. Is this the highest dosage there is? Thanks for your time, Eileen Hobbs
by Eileen Hobbs in Ghent, NY, 07/16/2009

what is metolazone application

 HELLO iam a student(ms).please give me information about  drug properties this material. THANK YOU
by zohreh in iran, 01/26/2008


i wont if metolazone can lower your blood purssure.
by carla, 02/23/2007


Is there any chance that Metolazone could possibly effect or have an interaction with high dosage uses of insulin? My husband is a severe diabetic and is taking 65 units of Lantus every evening and 20 units of Humalog at each meal. Since starting the ...
by Jan Raderstorf in Atkins, AR, 02/01/2007

Metolazone (Zaroxolyn)
(meh- TOH-lah-zohn)
Pregnancy Category: B Mykrox Zaroxolyn (Rx)

Classification: Diuretic, thiazide

See Also: See also Diuretics, Thiazide.

Action/Kinetics: Onset: 1 hr. Peak blood levels, rapid availability tablets: 2-4 hr; t 1/2, elimination: About 14 hr. Peak blood levels, slow availability tablets: 8 hr. Duration, rapid or slow availablity tablets: 24 hr or more. Most excreted unchanged through the urine.

Uses: Slow availability tablets: Edema accompanying CHF; edema accompanying renal diseases, including nephrotic syndrome and conditions of reduced renal function. Alone or in combination with other drugs for the treatment of hypertension.
Rapid availability tablets: Treatment of newly diagnosed mild to moderate hypertension alone or in combination with other drugs. The rapid availability tablets are not to be used to produce diuresis.
Investigational: Alone or as an adjunct to treat calcium nephrolithiasis, premanagement of menstrual syndrome, and adjunct treatment of renal failure.

Contraindications: Anuria, prehepatic and hepatic coma, allergy or hypersensitivity to metolazone. Routine use during pregnancy. Lactation.

Special Concerns: Use with caution in those with severely impaired renal function. Safety and effectiveness have not been determined in children.

Side Effects: See Diuretics, Thiazide. The most commonly reported side effects are dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, malaise, lethargy, lassitude, joint pain/swelling, and chest pain.

Additional Drug Interactions: Alcohol / Hypotensive effect Barbiturates / Hypotensive effect Narcotics / Hypotensive effect NSAIDs / Hypotensive effect of metolazone Salicylates / Hypotensive effect of metolazone

How Supplied: Tablets: 0.5 mg, 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg.

?Slow Availability Tablets Edema due to cardiac failure or renal disease.
Adults: 5-20 mg once daily. For those who experience paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, a larger dose may be required to ensure prolonged diuresis and saluresis for a 24-hr period.
Mild to moderate essential hypertension.
Adults: 2.5-5 mg once daily.
?Rapid Availability Tablets Mild to moderate essential hypertension.
Adults, initial: 0.5 mg once daily, usually in the morning. If inadequately controlled, the dose may be increased to 1 mg once a day. Increasing the dose higher than 1 mg does not increase the effect.

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Stephano, Stephano - 01/12/2014

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Effectiveness: ****

Ease of Use: *****

Overall Satisfaction: *****


Willie, Latta, SC - 01/29/2012

BP was 156/106 on day one when I started talking Metolazone, day two 146/101, day three 148/98, day four 134/96, day five 121/84. These are the highest readings during 1/24/2012 thru 1/28/2012.