Metaproterenol sulfate

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Metaproterenol sulfate
(Orciprenaline sulfate)

Metaproterenol sulfate (Alupent)
Orciprenaline sulfate (Alupent)
Metaproterenol sulfate
(met-ah-proh- TER-ih-nohl)
Pregnancy Category: C Alti-Orciprenaline Alupent Metaprel Orcipren Tanta Orciprenaline (Rx)

Classification: Adrenergic agent, direct-acting; bronchodilator

See Also: See also Sympathomimetic Drugs .

Action/Kinetics: Markedly stimulates beta-2 receptors, resulting in relaxation of smooth muscles of the bronchial tree, as well as peripheral vasodilation. Minimal effects on beta-1 receptors. Similar to isoproterenol but with a longer duration of action and fewer side effects. Onset, aerosol, hand bulb nebulizer or IPPB: 5-30 min; duration: 1-6 or more hr after repeated doses. PO: Onset, 15-30 min; peak effect: 1 hr. Duration: 4 hr. Marked first-pass effect after PO use. Metabolized in the liver and excreted through the kidney.

Uses: Bronchodilator in asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and other conditions associated with reversible bronchospasms. Treatment of acute asthmatic attacks in children over 6 years of age (use only 5% solution for inhalation).

Additional Contraindications: PO in children less than 6 years old.

Special Concerns: Dosage of syrup or tablets not determined in children less than 6 years of age.

Additional Side Effects: GI: Diarrhea, bad taste or taste changes. Respiratory: Worsening of asthma, nasal congestion, hoarseness. Miscellaneous: Hypersensitivity reactions, rash, fatigue, backache, skin reactions.

Drug Interactions: Possible potentiation of adrenergic effects if used before or after other sympathomimetic bronchodilators.

How Supplied: Metered dose inhaler (Aerosol): 0.65 mg/inh; Solution for Inhalation: 0.4%, 0.6%, 5%; Syrup: 10 mg/5 mL; Tablet: 10 mg, 20 mg

?Syrup, Tablets Bronchodilation.
Adults and children over 27.2 kg or 9 years: 20 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d.; children under 27.2 kg or 6-9 years of age: 10 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d.; children less than 6 years of age: 1.3-2.6 mg/kg/day of the syrup has been studied.
?Inhalation using Hand Bulb Nebulizer Bronchodilation.
Usual dose is 10 inhalations (range: 5-15 inhalations) of undiluted 5% solution.
?Nebulizer Bronchodilation.
0.1 mL (0.1-0.2 mL) diluted in saline to 3 mL.
?IPPB Bronchodilation.
0.3 mL (range: 0.2-0.3 mL) of 5% solution diluted to 2.5 mL saline or other diluent. Give the unit-dose vial as follows: Adults: 1 vial/nebulization treatment. Each 0.4% vial is equal to 0.2 mL of the 5% solution diluted to 2.5 mL with normal saline. Each 0.5% vial is equal to 0.3 mL of the 5% solution diluted to 2.5 mL with normal saline.
?MDI Bronchodilation.
2-3 inhalations (1.30-2.25 mg) q 3-4 hr. Do not exceed a total daily dose of 12 inhalations (9 mg).

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