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long term effects of lactulose

I have had problems with dryness of stool and have been prescribed (lactulose) has this got any long term effects on the digestive system i.e will I become dependent on it long term.also will it take over the running of the system that does that kind ...
by john leonard in scotland, 03/25/2006

lactulose solution given by vet to treat 12 yr old cat

My 12 yr. old feline was determined constipated and prescribed lactulose solution on 5/10/08.  She is now hiding under the bed all day and night and will not eat or drink.  Can the medication be causing this behavior?  She also is urina...
by cookie graff in The Villages, Florida, 05/13/2008

lactulose use long term

Hello, I am wondering about the effects of long term use of lactulose. My son was prescribed it for long term taking it twice a day, but he was suffering a lot of diahorrea. He was taken off lactulose by the doctor now he is getting a lot of pain...
by KERRY MELVIN in WALES, UK, 11/20/2006

dosage of Lactulose?

Is there a dosage recommendation for end stage hepatic disease due to cirrhosis?
by greg la mar jr. in Temecula, CA., 09/25/2006

lactulose use on atkins diet

What effect does lactulose have on persons following the Atkins diet plan? Is lactulose a sugar? How many calories are there in a 30 mg dose? Thanks.
by p, 03/22/2006

Lactulose (Chronulac, Duphalac)
( LAK-tyou-lohs)
Pregnancy Category: B Acilac Cephulac Cholac Chronulac Constilac Constulose Duphalac Gen-Lac Enulose Evalose Heptalac Lactulax Laxilose PMS Lactulose (Rx)

Classification: Ammonia detoxicant, laxative

Action/Kinetics: A disaccharide containing both lactose and galactose; causes a decrease in the blood concentration of ammonia in clients suffering from portal-systemic encephalopathy. Due to bacteria-induced degradation of lactulose in the colon, resulting in an acid medium. Ammonia will then migrate from the blood to the colon to form ammonium ion, which is trapped and cannot be absorbed. A laxative action due to increased osmotic pressure from lactic, formic, and acetic acids then expels the trapped ammonium. The decrease in blood ammonia concentration improves the mental state, EEG tracing, and diet protein tolerance of clients. The increased osmotic pressure also results in a laxative effect, which may take up to 24 hr. Partly absorbed from the GI tract. Onset: 24-48 hr.

Uses: Prevention and treatment of portal-systemic encephalopathy, including hepatic and prehepatic coma (Cephylac, Cholac, Enulose, Evalose, Heptalac are used). Chronic constipation (Chronulac, Constilac, Duphalac are used).

Contraindications: Clients on galactose-restricted diets.

Special Concerns: Safe use during lactation and in children has not been established. Infants who have been given lactulose have developed hyponatremia and dehydration. Use with caution in presence of diabetes mellitus.

Side Effects: GI: N&V, diarrhea, cramps, flatulence, gaseous distention, belching.

Drug Interactions: Antacids / May inhibit the drop in pH of the colon required for lactulose activity Neomycin / May cause lactulose degradation R/T neomycin-induced in elimination of certain bacteria in the colon

How Supplied: Oral Solution: 10g/15 mL ; Syrup: 10 g/15 mL

?Syrup, Oral Solution Encephalopathy.
Adults, initial: 30-45 mL (20-30 g) t.i.d.-q.i.d.; adjust q 2-3 days to obtain two or three soft stools daily. Long-term therapy may be required in portal-systemic encephalopathy; infants: 2.5-10 mL/day (1.6-6.6 g/day) in divided doses; older children and adolescents: 40-90 mL/day (26.6-60 g/day) in divided doses.
During acute episodes of constipation.
30-45 mL (20-30 g) q 1-2 hr to induce rapid initial laxation.
Chronic constipation.
Adults and children: 15-30 mL/day (10-20 g/day) as a single dose after breakfast (up to 60 mL/day may be required).

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Rose, Rose - 01/15/2014

You did an awesome job on eailxpning the diet and etc. it was very well done. We need more just like this to share with medical professionals and nutritionists. Do you mind me sharing with my nutritionist? Your little guy is adorable and looks so happy and healthy.My son has been on AA for 6 months but can't get him to gain. Any suggestions?Email me for additional info. Take care and thanks for sharing!Stephanie


Effectiveness: *

Ease of Use: *****

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Wanda Dawson, North Carolina - 12/27/2012

I take 2tbs 3x a day and I still can't get a good bowel movement. If I do have one it is hard and tacky and I have to really strain to pass the stool. I have had a rectal seal and I'am afraid it will push out again due to having to srtain so hard to pass a stool.