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Insulin zinc suspension, extended (Ultralente)
Insulin zinc suspension, extended
Insulin Zinc Suspension, Extended Human: Humulin-U Humulin U Ultralente Novolin ge Ultralente (OTC)

Classification: Long-acting insulin

See Also: See also Insulins .

Action/Kinetics: Large crystals of insulin and a high content of zinc are responsible for the slow-acting properties of this preparation. Onset: 4-8 hr. Peak: 10-30 hr. Duration: 36 hr or longer.

Uses: Mild to moderate hyperglycemia in stabilized diabetics.

Contraindications: Use to treat diabetic coma or emergency situations

How Supplied: Injection: 100 U/mL

?SC Individualized.
Usual, initial: 7-26 units as a single dose 30-60 min before breakfast. Do not administer IV.

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