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Long term impact of Glipizide on Pancreas

What are the long term affects on the pancreas of Glipizide? Sincerely Andrew W. Rutkowski
by Andrew Rutkowski in USA, 09/08/2006

Glipizide (Glucotrol)
( GLIP-ih-zyd)
Pregnancy Category: C Glucotrol Glucotrol XL (Rx)

Classification: Sulfonylurea (anti-diabetic), second-generation

See Also: See also Antidiabetic Agents .

Action/Kinetics: Also has mild diuretic effects. Onset: 1- 3 hr. t 1/2: 2-4 hr. Duration: 10-24 hr. Metabolized in liver to inactive metabolites, which are excreted through the kidneys.

Uses: Adjunct to diet for control of hyperglycemia in clients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

Additional Drug Interactions: Cimetidine may effect of glipizide due to breakdown by liver.

How Supplied: Tablet: 5 mg, 10 mg; Tablet, Extended Release: 5 mg, 10 mg

?Tablets, Immediate Release Diabetes.
Adults, initial: 5 mg 30 min before breakfast; then, adjust dosage by 2.5-5 mg every few days, depending on the blood glucose response, until adequate control is achieved. Maintenance: 15-40 mg/day. Older clients should begin with 2.5 mg.
?Tablets, Extended Release Diabetes.
Adults, initial: 5 mg with breakfast. Monitor response to therapy by measuring HbA1c at 3-month intervals. Dose can be increased to 10 mg if response is inadequate. Maintenance: 5 or 10 mg once daily; some may require 20 mg/day (maximum).

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