Ferrous fumarate

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Sick stomach after taking Iron for GI bleeding

I had an acute GI bleed; got 4 units of blood. My H&H keeps falling. Dr told me to take 350 mg Iron/day. Took at night with supper for 3 days, then half yesterday morning w/breakfast and was sick to my stomach all day. Any suggestions? THANKS
by Sandy McEachern in Louisville, KY, 11/07/2005

Ferrous fumarate
Ferrous fumarate (Feostat)
Ferrous fumarate
( FAIR-us FYOU-mar-ayt) Femiron Feostat Feostat Drops and Suspension Hemocyte Ircon Nephro-Fer Scheinpharm Ferrous Fumarate (OTC)

Classification: Antianemic, iron

See Also: See also Ferrous sulfate.

Action/Kinetics: Better tolerated than ferrous gluconate or ferrous sulfate. Contains 33% elemental iron.

How Supplied: Chew Tablet: 100 mg; Liquid: 45 mg/0.6 mL; Suspension: 100 mg/5 mL; Tablet: 63 mg, 200 mg, 325 mg, 350 mg; Extended Release Capsules 100-150 mg, 300 mg

?Extended-Release Capsules Prophylaxis.
Adults: 325 mg/day.
Adults: 325 mg b.i.d. Capsules are not recommended for use in children.
?Oral Solution, Oral Suspension, Tablets, Chewable Tablets Prophylaxis.
Adults: 200 mg/day. Pediatric: 3 mg/kg/day.
Adults: 200 mg t.i.d.-q.i.d. Pediatric: 3 mg/kg t.i.d., up to 6 mg/kg/day, if needed.

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