Erythromycin estolate

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Clinical use of erythromycin estolate

Is there any clinical condition for which erythromycin estolate can be given for a duration of 1 month at a once a day dose of 250mg?
by Atiya in India, 03/18/2009

Dose of Erythromycin Estolate

My child has been treated previously with erythromycin estolate but the dosage was different. This time it is 200mg(4mls) four times a day for 10 days.Last time it was 50mg three times a day for 7 days -why the difference. What is the dosage for a 50l...
by Pat W in Dartmouth, NS, 01/27/2006

Erythromycin estolate
Erythromycin estolate (Ilosone)
(eh- rih-throw- MY-sin)
Pregnancy Category: B Ilosone Novo-Rythro Estolate (Rx)

Classification: Antibiotic, erythromycin

See Also: See also Erythromycin Base.

Action/Kinetics: Most active form of erythromycin, with relatively long-lasting activity.

Uses: See Erythromycin Base.

Additional Contraindications: Cholestatic jaundice or preexisting liver dysfunction. Treatment of chronic disorders such as acne, furunculosis, or prophylaxis of rheumatic fever.

How Supplied: Capsule: 250 mg; Suspension: 125 mg/5 mL, 250 mg/5 mL

?Capsules, Suspension, Tablets
See Erythromycin base. Similar blood levels are achieved using erythromycin base, estolate, or stearate.

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Erythromycin estolate

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Dedy, Dedy - 01/13/2014

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