Docusate calcium

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Side effects of docusate calcium

I have been taking docusate calcium after having a hemorroidectomy. I have been taking this drug for months as I seem to need them to aliviate strain. Should I be using this product as long as I have and what side effects could arise. Thanks for your ...
by dolores in Florida, USA, 05/02/2006

Time of day to take docusate calcium?

I am a student that must attend school everyday. I was perscriped docusate calcium and I am wondering: what time of day should it be taken? I understand that is should be taken with water but I was also wondering if it should be taken on an empty or f...
by lindsay Bunn in canada, 11/06/2005

Docusate calcium
(Dioctyl calcium sulfosuccinate)

Docusate calcium (Surfak)
Dioctyl calcium sulfosuccinate (Surfak)
( DEW-kyou-sayt)
Pregnancy Category: C Albert Docusate DC Softgels PMS Docusate Calcium Pro-Cal-Sof Soflax C Sulfalax Calcium Surfak Surfak Liquigels (OTC)
Docusate potassium
(Dioctyl potassium sulfosuccinate)
Docusate potassium (Dialose)
Dioctyl potassium sulfosuccinate (Dialose)
( DEW-kyou-sayt)
Pregnancy Category: C Dialose Diocto-K (OTC)
Docusate sodium
(Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate)
Docusate sodium (Colace)
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (Colace)
( DEW-kyou-sayt)
Pregnancy Category: C Colace Diocto Dioeze Disonate DOK DOS Softgel D-S-S Modane Soft PMS-Docusate Sodium Regulax SS Selax (OTC)

Classification: Laxative, emollient

See Also: See also Laxatives .

Action/Kinetics: Acts by lowering the surface tension of the feces and promoting penetration by water and fat, thus increasing the softness of the fecal mass. Not absorbed systemically and does not seem to interfere with the absorption of nutrients. A microenema formulation is available for clients aged 3 and older. Onset: 24-72 hr.; onset, microenema formulation: 15 min.

Uses: To lessen strain of defecation in persons with hernia or CV diseases or other diseases in which straining at stool should be avoided. Megacolon or bedridden clients. Constipation associated with dry, hard stools. The microemulsion formulation is indicated for relief of occasional constipation in children over the age of 3 years.

Contraindications: Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and intestinal obstruction.

Drug Interactions: Docusate may absorption of mineral oil from the GI tract.

How Supplied: Docusate calcium: Capsule: 240 mg. Docusate potassium: Capsule: 100 mg, 240 mg Docusate sodium: Capsule: 50 mg, 100 mg, 240 mg, 250 mg; Oral Liquid: 200 mg/5 mL, 150 mg/15 mL; Powder for Reconstitution: 283 mg; Solution: 100 mg/15 mL; Syrup: 50 mg/15 mL, 60 mg/15 mL; Tablet: 100 mg

Docusate Calcium ?Capsules
Adults: 240 mg/day until bowel movements are normal; pediatric, over 6 years: 50-150 mg/day.
Docusate Potassium ?Capsules
Adults: 100-300 mg/day; pediatric, over 6 years: 100 mg at bedtime.
Docusate Sodium ?Capsules, Oral Liquid, Syrup, Tablets
Adults and children over 12 years: 50-500 mg; pediatric, under 3 years: 10-40 mg; 3-6 years: 20-60 mg; 6-12 years: 40-120 mg.
?Rectal Solution Flushing or retention enema.
Adults: 50-100 mg.

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