Dextrose and electrolytes

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Dextrose and electrolytes
Dextrose and electrolytes (Pedialyte)
Dextrose and Electrolytes
( DEX-trohs) Pedialyte Rehydralyte Resol (Rx)

Classification: Electrolyte replenisher

Action/Kinetics: PO products that contain varying amounts of sodium, potassium, chloride, citrate, and dextrose (Lytren and Resol contain 20 g/L whereas Pedialyte and Rehydralyte contain 25 g/L). In addition, Resol contains magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. Time to peak effect: 8-12 hr.

Uses: Diarrhea. Prophylaxis and treatment of electrolyte depletion in diarrhea or in continuing fluid loss. Maintenance of hydration.

Contraindications: Anuria, oliguria. Severe dehydration including severe diarrhea (IV therapy is necessary for prompt replacement of fluids and electrolytes). Malabsorption of glucose. Severe and sustained vomiting when the client is unable to drink. Intestinal obstruction, perforated bowel, paralytic ileus.

Special Concerns: Use with caution in premature infants.

Side Effects: Overhydration indicated by puffy eyelids. Hypernatremia, vomiting (usually shortly after treatment has started).

How Supplied: Powder for Reconstitution; Solution; Tablet

?Oral Solution Mild dehydration.
Adults and children over 10 years, initial: 50 mL/kg over 4-6 hr; maintenance: 100-200 mL/kg over 24 hr until diarrhea stops.
Moderate dehydration.
Adults and children over 10 years, initial: 100 mL/kg over 6 hr; maintenance: 15 mL/kg q hr until diarrhea stops.
Moderate to severe dehydration.
Pediatric, 2-10 years, initial: 50 mL/kg over the first 4-6 hr followed by 100 mL/kg over the next 18-24 hr; less than 2 years, initial: 75 mL/kg during the first 8 hr and 75 mL/kg during the next 16 hr.

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