Dexamethasone acetate

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what are common uses

  What conditions are commonly being treated?
by Unknown, 10/08/2007

Dexametasone acetate injection

 I received 2 Dexamethasone acetate injection on both my feet. The following day, I felt a lump on the bottom of my foot.Is this a side effect or should I be concerned?
by Mary Morales in Las Vegas, New Mexico, 08/13/2007

Who makes Dexamethasone and what sizes does it come in?

I am a distributor at Integrated Health Industries and I need a location where to get this? I do not want it in a pill form or powder. I need it in a vial 1cc,3cc, or 5cc,etc... I really appreciate any kind of help you can give me. I really would like...
by Fran T in Northvale,NJ, 01/25/2006

Dexamethasone acetate
Dexamethasone acetate (Dalalone L.A.)
Dexamethasone acetate
(dex-ah- METH-ah-zohn) Dalalone D.P. Dalalone L.A. Decadron-LA Decaject-L.A. Dexasone L.A. Dexone LA Solurex LA (Rx)

Classification: Glucocorticoid, synthetic

See Also: See also Corticosteroids .

Action/Kinetics: Practically insoluble; provides the prolonged activity suitable for repository injections, although it has a prompt onset of action. Not for IV use.

Special Concerns: Use during pregnancy only if benefits outweigh risks.

How Supplied: Injection: 8 mg/mL, 16 mg/mL

?Repository Injection, IM
8-16 mg q 1-3 weeks, if necessary.
0.8-1.6 mg.
?Soft Tissue and Intra-articular
4-16 mg repeated at 1-3-week intervals.

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