Dapiprazole hydrochloride

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puil dilation at OACG

Can we use dapiparazole 0.5% eye drops if there is no response on installing a pilocarpine 2% eye drops in angel closure glucoma even after breakdown the attack of glucoma ( I.e on normal intra occular pressure but pupil still semi dilared please repl...
by zahid hussain in j&k srinagar india, 10/16/2014

Dapiprazole hydrochloride
Dapiprazole hydrochloride (Rev-Eyes)
Dapiprazole hydrochloride
(dah- PIP-rah-zol)
Pregnancy Category: B Rev-Eyes (Rx)

Classification: Ophthalmic alpha-adrenergic blocking agent

Action/Kinetics: Produces miosis by blocking the alpha-adrenergic receptors on the dilator muscle of the iris. No significant action on ciliary muscle contraction; thus, there are no changes in the depth of the anterior chamber of the thickness of the lens. Does not alter the IOP either in normal eyes or in eyes with elevated IOP. The rate of pupillary constriction may be slightly slower in clients with brown irides than in clients with blue or green irides.

Uses: To reverse diagnostic mydriasis induced by adrenergic (e.g., phenylephrine) or parasympatholytic (e.g., tropicamide) agents.

Contraindications: Acute iritis or other conditions where miosis is not desirable. To reduce intraocular pressure or to treat open-angle glaucoma.

Special Concerns: Use with caution during lactation. Safety and effectiveness have not been determined in children. The drug may cause difficulty in adaptation to dark and may reduce the field of vision.

Side Effects: Ophthalmic: Conjunctival injection lasting 20 min, burning on instillation, ptosis, lid erythema, itching, lid edema, chemosis, corneal edema, punctate keratitis, photophobia, tearing and blurring of vision, dryness of eyes. Miscellaneous: Headaches, browache.

How Supplied: Ophthalmic Powder for Reconstitution: 0.5%

?Ophthalmic Solution Reverse mydriasis.
2 gtt followed in 5 min by 2 more gtt applied to the conjunctiva of the eye after ophthalmic examination.

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