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kinetics of reaction in collagenase

what is the kinetics of reaction in collagenase
by kris kathleen lozano in phillipines, cavite, 02/05/2009

Collagenase (Biozyme-C)
(koh- LAJ-eh-nace) Biozyme-C Santyl (Rx)

Classification: Topical enzyme

Action/Kinetics: Digests collagen, thus, effectively removing tissue debris. Assists in the formation of granulation tissue and subsequent epithelialization of dermal ulcers and severely burned areas. May also reduce the incidence of hypertrophic scarring. Collagen in healthy tissue or newly formed granulation is not affected.

Uses: Reduces pus, odor, necrosis, and inflammation in chronic dermal ulcers and severely burned areas.

Contraindications: Local or systemic hypersensitivity to collagenase.

Side Effects: No allergic sensitivity or toxic reactions have been noted.

Drug Interactions: Detergents, benzalkonium chloride, hexachlorophene, nitrofurazone, tincture of iodine, and certain heavy metal ions used in some antiseptics (e.g., mercury, silver) inhibit the activity of collagenase.

How Supplied: Ointment: 250 U/g

?Ointment Chronic dermal ulcers, burns.
Apply once daily (more frequently if the dressing becomes soiled).

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